RIP Project Nova.... again

(Dread Saboteur) #61

Imagine if they started throwing the phones at them like people did on soccer matches before smartphones were a thing.
God I miss buying those bricks for 2$ would never regret it

(InterStellar Architect) #62

Maybe Pearl Abyss can also buy Planetside 2 and then change all the skins to Eve Online skins. Then somehow create a link between Planetside 2 server with Eve Online server. Done.

(Nana Skalski) #63

Sansha incursions, the match like events could decide the difficulty of incursions in systems.

(Kuba Ganowski) #64

Hip Hop killed EVE just like that :slight_smile:

(Nicolai Serkanner) #65

Could NOT. It is could NOT FFS!

(Agondray) #66

true but dust 514 lacked the toxicity due to lack of any long term comms, i mean past the usual COD community players you get.

(Cypherous) #67

Problem is, i don’t really see a meaningful way to link them while still making it so that nothing in EVE is entirely reliant on having nova bunnies ready to go at all times, at best you’re going to have fights that disable station services or other fairly meaningless stuff just due to the unreliability of nova’s players

(Taloris Aldercain) #68

The only thing I see that could help with progressing Project Nova is if the players took part in the things players in EVE Online don’t see - the ones attempting to stop the bomb threat inside a station, the ones fighting off ‘pacification’ attempts planetside, or seeing if the Minmatar use just as much duck tape in their architecture as they do their ships.

At the same time, because they need to travel that’s essentially a lot of planets to design for, including stations for missions and other possible features. Then you need the population to help move the game along and not feel like a ghost town for half of the experience.

Unless they want to make that kind of investment into having Project Nova be the kind of game they want it to be, the project will likely be shelved.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #69

It would need to be PI based, maybe in faction war areas. Better PI on the planets, but only by controlling them. Then have all the vehicles, equipment, structures etc built from PI materials to balance it. Excess can be sold into eve economy, balanced to amaximum (roughly) that would come from standard PI from those planets.

That way you can secure the planet with heavy resource use and not make more profit, or your better warclones can secure using less extravagent equipment/structures, but makemore profit.

(gust prefect) #70

At all times, like the attacks on space stations? Right?

(Ion Kirst) #71

I read a lot of the posts for Eve’s Nova, 1st person shooter game. I’ve also looked at the trailer. What is funny, is that no one has mentioned “Duke Nukem”. Anyone remember that game?
Eve’s Nova has that “Duke Nukem” look. Massive fail on their part.

(Vollhov Jr) #72


(Lulu Lunette) #73

I’m thankful that I got to experience Dust 514 while it was still around. My old office was a great setup with my PC (Eve) and on the other wall my PlayStation 3. Was fun to switch back and forth and I was such a sponge then; absorbing all the Eve I could :relieved: Was neat to see what the ground looked like, the buildings and architecture, the equipment. I never got around to the orbital bombardment stuff. The in-game world was richer then.

I was surprised to see it shut down, or somehow brought over to the next generation of consoles.

I’m kinda done with Eve again but I’m thinking about Dust because a friend of mine wants to buy my PlayStation 3 so the world will soon have one less Dust 514.

I’m saddened by the cancellation of this project. Here’s to hoping for some good news and hype. See you around! :purple_heart:

(Balos Tritapo) #74

So what did you all expect after the sell of CCP?

Pearl Abyss will only allow projects they can make the most profit and this means 125% mainstream…

Even EVE will be pulled out of its niche and into the bright mainstream sun…

(Cypherous) #75

Considering that these attacks can happen at any hour of the day then yes, at all times for whatever they intend to have them linked to, they also need to be able to handle any lack of players if the game turns out to be a generic pile of crap nobody really wants to play :stuck_out_tongue:

(Balos Tritapo) #76

Again this is not about dropping a niche game because of the lack of quality,this is about PA avoiding an unprofitable niche which is not mainstream.

The higest possible profit counts nothing more…the rest of the statements are pure propaganda to look good.

(Nana Skalski) #77

EXACTLY THIS! The in-game world was RICHER then. And that cant be emphasised enough.

I was surprised to see it shut down, or somehow brought over to the next generation of consoles.

I didnt. Console games are like limited time product. Without PC architecture like in EVE there was no way that upgrade of console will make people stay with the game as it stalled both in graphics and technical development on PS3 that had certain limitations, the life of DUST was closely knit into PS3 from beginning and the effects surprised CCP and many people around, but “death” of a console brings “death” of games on it, sooner or later, in this case sooner. Then was decision to move into PC, but it takes too long as we see. Its WoD development again, and if CCP will not change their ways, there is this Damocles sword hanging above them :crossed_swords:, warning them of another millions of dolars thrown into mud of game development without vision.

It was from beginning very strange for me that DUST will be on consoles. Its like CCP forget how they made EVE great.

CCP is not talking about cancellation of NOVA, but public alpha that had to start soon. People may confuse it.

If CCP would hang a coat on it, undefinitely? Why? There was no more actions beside that news piece, no firing of teams, no tax stuff, no balancing the books. For now at least. So I think they work on it like they wrote.

(Taloris Aldercain) #78

There’s also the fact that you can only do so much to a FPS without taking a pretty big gamble on taking an entirely different approach to design and what a first-person shooter is (or third-person shooter if you want to go that route).

And that’s not something most companies are willing to do.

(marVLs) #79

Well it’s funny or rather sad if developers don’t see that game is crap and players need to say that to them… Is anyone playing those games when they develop them? Srly…

I don’t think that investing into FPS is a good idea, it will get bored after weeks or months for 90% of players because it is environment with limitations.
CCP should either do properly WiS or something like EVE remake for consoles and PCs, more casual but also deep and big (not spreadsheet game).
They’re good at creating universe that can expand by players or them giving new tools into that sandbox.

IMO CCP to succeed and not waste fps experience they should:

  1. Make FPS/MMO/Spaceship game for consoles and PCs, something like CCP star citizen version, as everyone see there’s a lot of players with a loooot of $ wanting this. It may be not big at launch but add new stuff constantly, just give it a good core so it will be easy to get started and beying sucked into but also deep, reasonable time consuming and complicated at higher levels because if You make it too casual it wont keep players for longer.
  2. Battlefield like eve fps if they want to link it into EVE, imagine maps thats ennormous deserts with multiple teams, vehicles, quick building etc. or space stations, capital ships. Add to it PVE element for eve players like that WiS exploration prototype, You leave your ships and go explore wrecks, stations etc but look out, someone can also go into and kill You or just steal Your ship. Skill system like in eve but for weapons, armors, items, vehilces, building etc.

Also not forget that making game in EVE universe have cons and pros because yeah You got that starting playerbase from EVE but if it will be too much concentrate on it You will not get other players beside those eve vets

(Cypherous) #80


Nobody in what you replied to said anything about that, did you quote the wrong guy? :stuck_out_tongue: