Risk / Reward in Suicide Ganking out of Order?

SRPs exist as an incentive for members to participate, and yes, the group does the protection, planning, execution and ship replacement. A group of human beings. Guess how those groups of human beings became so sufficient that they are able to support the group as a whole? Hint: CCP didnt just give them trillions of isk and sov. They had to become self sufficient before they became sufficient enough to help other people out.

And yes, theres nothing wrong with minimizing risk. EVE is all about minimizing risk and maximizing outcomes. But thats different from being risk averse and asking CCP to change the game so that the risk is lowered. Theres a difference between minimizing risk yourself by being smart or spending ISK or being careful, and minimizing risk by asking CCP to plznerf plzhelp this is too unfair i should autopilot through nullsec and be perfectly safe.

I’m talking about an individual who’s existence is catered for by his group, lolling at another individual about his individual risk management and effort.

I’m sure that didn’t need explaining nor excuses.

It’s usually the lack of risk management that get’s lol’d at.

No one really lols when someone successfully manages risk, only when they don’t.

Yes, and a great way to manage risk is to make friends and join groups.

If, by choice, you dont, and you have poor risk management, then yes, people will laugh at you.

Whats wrong with that?

After nearly 2 decades playing the game I experienced the first hisec ganks flying characters in shuttles. A new low for the game, getting randomly ganked in shuttle ships.

As someone else pointed out, CCP has taken away a lot of the more casual pvp. Maybe this is the player base responding to that?

If CCP gives us only an inch, we will use that inch.

I wonder how/if CCP will respond to the changing times in the age of chaos. Or just simply take the easy way out and it will always be the age of chaos.

What makes this the age of chaos? Seems pretty predictable.

Correct, but that only happens for ships lost during ‘stratop’ fleets and only for specific ships/fits. And only if I ask for it.

I’ve had two ships ‘replaced’ in the four years I’ve played.

That means about 99% of the value I’ve lost is paid by myself and that yes, I’m qualified to talk about ship losses.

See above.

If you think I can ignore my individual risk management because of SRP, you have a very inaccurate view of null sec life. Come try it for yourself, it’s pretty fun down here!


Didn’t realize that multi-player could be used to describe a single user… interesting…

A ship is a ship.

Doesnt matter what ship it is. Even a shuttle can carry very valuable items and is worth shooting down.

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Since the player is interacting with other players, yes, it can be used to describe a single user.

How can ‘many actor’ be used to describe ‘single user’? They may have multiple interactions with others, but they aren’t multiple actors themselves.

A game cane be a multi-player game, as many players engage in it. A user cannot be a multi-player user: they are only ever one user.

The ‘multi-’ combining form has a very clear definition. Player/user is also pretty clear. The single user may engage in multiplayer activity, but they are not a multiplayer (or multi-player - adding the hyphen doesn’t change the application of ‘multi’ because it is a combining form construct - not a prefix -and cannot stand alone).


It’s pretty clear he was implying multi-boxing. Shesh.

On the Eve forums, if someone says the sky is blue, someone else will argue that it is not sad but happy.

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I dont think anyone here is saying that a single player using multiple accounts counts as multiple players.

The problem here is that in many cases you cannot tell if multiple accounts belong to one, or multiple players.

Nor do we stop calling it a multiplayer game, or consider it a multiplayer game, just because you have an instance of a single player utilizing multiple accounts.

You cant kill 121 ships with 11 ships suicide ganking as it is an expoit if you manage to not lose your ship after a hisec suicide gank.

Well, 20 Thrashers are not too expensive…
Kill, die, reship, repeat.
Target: Careless rich prey.
Aim: Teach them to care. And have some fun :slight_smile:

That player is very multiplayer… yea no… doesn’t work like that. It’s not describing the user its describer how the user is interacting.