Risk / Reward in Suicide Ganking out of Order?

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If I didn’t, I would have never seen this! A new one for me.

There’s people who can’t tell the difference between killing people in a game and killing people in the real world?


@XEUX: Nah, it’s about destroying ships. Sometimes Capsules. But as for we are immortal, it’s fun!

@OP: Destroying a sand castle is hardly killing someone. We’re not even allowed to steal your plastic shovel any more :frowning: (Ganking PLEX transports was a thing more than a decade ago).

If someone who has lost a match in a computer game feels “killed”, EVE is the wrong game for this person. Learn to live with the risk or don’t play EVE. That’s what we try to explain in about 200 replies and even more threads concerning this topic.


Lucky we don’t kill human beings. Everything we kill is just software.

EVE is just a pretty database management system. We are all just DB Admins :slight_smile:

That’s a willful distortion of the context, and you know it. Stop equivocating if you want to be taken seriously.

Sure - And some of those table entries took a long time for an individual to create. Another individual comes along and deletes those records with out the consent of the person who created them.

The context was ingame crime versus real life crime and that, according to you, it’s the same to many.

Here it is again for you:

It may just be space pixels to you, but that player that spent six months to build or collect or earn that thing for which you have no regard - it means something to them. Even if they are “being dumb” for walking down that alley in Eve and getting ganked, they’ve still had their property destroyed or stolen by the use of force, not voluntarily.

Pixels or the real world. It’s the same to many.

Here’s the bit you ignore " it means something to them" – “they’ve still had their property destroyed or stolen by the use of force, not voluntarily.” Thus for many it is the same.

It has the same emotional impact upon the victim - real or pixels. Another human came along and stole or destroyed their property.

You don’t really need that explained to you, do you?


That’s what you said earlier. That some victims cannot tell the difference between loss in a game and loss in real life. That theft ingame or theft in real life is the same to them.

It’s scary that people cannot tell those differences.

What happens when they play GTAV, notice they like killing people and still cannot tell the difference between ingame crime and real life crime?

I never said they “can’t tell the difference”. That is you distorting the context and why I cite an equivocation.

The fact they’ve had their stuff stolen or destroyed - that means something to them - the same as if they had something in the real world stolen or destroyed.

Apparently you do need to have that explained.

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Those people really need someone to tell them the difference between pixels and the real world.

Oy, you’re either not as bright as I had hoped, or being purposefully obtuse.

Anyway, markets are about to open so we’ll have to play later.

Luckily you have enough intelligence for both of us!

Yeah. Fun, isn’t it!

Quite the contrary to “deleted”: There’s zkillboard - his failure will be remembered a long time.
According to the rules, creating much and not being able to protect his or her own wealth is not a good idea in EVE.
We’re here to tell that fact, not to discuss the rules.

Aren’t you in an alliance that replaces your losses? And you’re going to point fingers at people not being happy about loss…

Immensely fun. I enjoy it every day. Even when i lost my jump freighter and carrier to gankers, I enjoyed every minute of it. It just means i have to try even harder.

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Alliances only replace losses if they occur during actual sanctioned operations.

They will not reimburse your ganked freighter autopiloting through Uedama.

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I just find it hilarious that people who are part of a massive group so they rarely have think for themselves, been gives tons of opportunities due to SOV mechanics, rely on the group for protection, planning, execution and ship replacement.

That those people have the audacity to point at others about being risk averse or not being self sufficient enough.

I honestly wonder if they realise this themselves.

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