Risk / Reward in Suicide Ganking out of Order?

Don’t call truth “salt”. Smart people can tell the difference.


Don’t look but you’re wasting your time too. :wink:


So… you are campaigning for miners to gank each other? I fail to understand this logic.

True. This forum is Ganker Paradise.
It’s like walking into the hood and telling those guys that gang-banging is not good.


Whats your problem with ganking. Its a playstyle. At least the gankers are smart and do something about the playstyle they dont like (mining) and actually have fun. All you do is cry about loosing some frigate no one cares about. How bout you goin AG. They fail so much they’ll probably need you since your rock hitting expertise makes you an elite pvper of the highest order.

Also, can I have your stuff?

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:rofl: The whole of hisec is ganker paradise. You can be a criminal and still be able to dock anywhere and do business as usual as if the sovereignties get kickbacks from the crooks.
Their game is f__ed beyond belief. And then they wonder why they have a problem with player retention. The truth is staring them right in the face every time a defenseless player gets ganked.


Well, at least he did a lot of reading, quoting, and answering.
What a pity he neglected the understanding and reflecting part in his really diligent but futile work.
Favorite word is obviously “BS”, and I’m afraid he doesn’t mean “battleship”.

This is no discussion but a rant. So let it all out, all the pain, fear, and misunderstanding, perhaps you feel better then.
If there are serious questions, we’re happy to help, but the implementation in your gameplay is your very own task. And if you don’t like the rules, we can’t help at all, especially with that hostile attitude you show. All I can say: You won’t win EVE that way, that’s for sure.

They don’t care about player retention. They just say they do. They write it on this forum only to look good.


Alright lets assume that. And?

That’s all it’s about, looking good. That’s the only reason zKillboard exist.
This game is for cheaters. What do you call someone with 20 accounts logged in simultaneously? I call that cheating.
CCP is okay with cheating as long as it serves their purpose and that’s why they’re losing players.


They obviously do care about player retention, it’s silly to assume or state otherwise. Thing is they probably care more for the “spirit of the game” which is competitive open pvp sandbox, where they’re ok with not appealing to everyone (which is actually good).

I don’t think many newbies get ganked much and quite frankly if I had been blown up when I started I’d really have not cared, just wondered at what happened and moved on. The folks who seem to be ganked are the ones who play passively or who “think passively” and I don’t think that’s a problem.

As said I think ganking is cheesy and people tout their horn way too much over it but beyond that I don’t see an issue with it and I don’t think it impacts the players much, other than the ones who didn’t accept or agree to what a competitive pvp sandbox actually means.

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Fact is they’ll keep losing players more than players stay because the whole game revolves around griefing and salt.
New players don’t want to be the target of veteran players they just want to be able to experience the game not experience salt.
EVE will remain a niche game because CCP makes sure it remains so.

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So what’s the problem?
This “niche game” runs 17 years with players all over the world, and the claim “EVE is dying” is also 17 years old.
BTW: Each and every Veteran was a new player at some time.

Being niche is good, it shows the developers had a vision and they’re willing to stick to it. Devs who do NOT care for their product and vision could do the “lets do whatever we need to get more players including changing the game completely” , which would seriously undermine the game and would make me rethink actually playing it. SWG did that once, didn’t work out too well.

Also I don’t think you care for the game being niche or not, you care about stopping ganking and you’re using the niche thing just as an excuse.

But that is not the case, first of all new players don’t seem to be targeted much by gankers, it’s mostly for profit or to attack passive/afk players. Just because one’s new doesn’t mean one is passive or afk and being passive or afk doesn’t stop when you’re not a new player any more.

From my personal experience I’m quite fine with competing with others and that includes older players. Actually so far I’ve found that most people are pretty much clueless on what they’re doing, how it actually works or why they’re doing it. That means it’s really not THAT difficult to compete with most and at the very least there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

In fact I’d say that what almost made me quit the game is listening to people’s advice: “go mining”, “PI is good income” and other boring and low effort play styles done by lazy players. Lots of mistaken “information” out there, given by people who perhaps only understand half of what they’re talking about.

What makes people quit a game is not being invested into it, not being excited by it. “Go mine” is FAR more destructive from a newbie player retention pov than having a 1% chance of being ganked in your free Venture.


PI actually is good income. But if you don’t like it, don’t do it. If everyone did PI, prices were even worse :wink:
Funny, my last ganking loss was an Epithal in the middle of the night alphaed away by a mean 10 days old Tornado pilot at the Perimeter gate in Jita. I was prepared for all kinds of attacks in the wormholes, but felt too secure in Highsec. That time I provided the content… Watching them doing the logistics was fascinating.
You see, obviously they don’t care for the age of their prey, in fact they prefer rich loot to poor newb ships full of low value scrap.

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LOL! As if I’m under the impression that I’d stop ganking all by myself. I don’t mind the ganking because I’ll never be ganked. What I do mind is people saying something while it’s another altogether.
But if EVE will remain a niche game I’ll go back to playing Planetside 2. EVE isn’t so interesting to me. I like running and shooting, not flying around for very little reward for my time.

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Flying around for little reward is right. 3/4 of the game is flying around for nothing. As if I have the time to waste to fly around for an hour. Gotta be crazy to pay for that.

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That’s why you should try, now you know what you can expect, and in Alpha state even for free! It’s not for everyone, and that’s perfectly normal. I’ve tried COD and FIFA, wasn’t my world, even though I like war simulations and soccer. Obviously they are still very popular. Must be a niche :wink:

Anyway, what is EVE Online?
Spend time grinding to get a ship, spend isk to fit it and lose said ship to gankers then grind some more, spend isk to fit it and lose it to gankers then grind some more, spend isk to fit it and lose it to gankers then… rince and repeat… You call that fun? I call it obsession.
No wonder they say “Quit EVE and win” because the soonest you realize the whole thing is a big waste of time the sooner you win.


Truest post in this whole thread. Bravo. See ya in the kill zone in Planetside o7

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