Risk / Reward in Suicide Ganking out of Order?

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Will do!

These statements are not mutually exclusive.

Not sure what you’re talking about. I never said anything about players playing any specific way.

You seem very agitated. Calm down miner.

Aight then. I’m outta here.

I don’t know why your post showed up in my notifications, but I’ll be your huckleberry.

First, I frequently raise the BS flag myself on dubious claims, but that’s all you’ve done. No facts, no logic, just questioning the validity of everything -including the nature of Eve and things that would be readily apparent to you had you actually had experience ganking. Look, I can do it to:

BS and you know it.

Keep fishing and you’ll eventually pull out a shoe.

Yadda, yadda. Do you ever get tired of saying the same old BS.

Second, the fact that your post has managed to acquire so many upvotes in such a short period of time is proof positive that the anti-ganker crowd are so desperate for posts that support their position, they’ll upvote any arguments, regardless of merit.

Third, if the anti-gankers got their way, they would make Eve worse, not better. However, rather than regurgitate all my points, I’ll just link to the nerf ganking megathread.

Fourth, I complain about how people refuse to get experience with ganking before they propose changes, but you take the cake. P.S. Happy two month birthday. Now, what’s next? Are you going to tell us your thoughts on super capital balance?

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I said:

Care to explain why?

This is such a stupid argument to make. Its a sandbox for EVERYONE. You are free to afk mine all you wish, and gankers are free to gank you as much as they wish. You are allowed to play whatever way you want, but you dont have the right to be completely devoid of consequences.

Your argument basically consists of “This is BS, thats BS, my mom is BS”.

Why dont you come with actual arguments, and then we can discuss this further?

Great. So try ganking a freighter and see if it works on the first go. Oh, whats that? You cant?

And here you are, comparing it to mining. Can you ever really fail at mining? Its not like targetting an asteroid and pressing F1, sometimes fails, and you dont get any ore.

What do you call someone with 20 friends logged in simultaneously?

I was just in a system where they gank ships. I count likle 20+ accounts used for ganking.

So i waited at a gate and tried to find out if i could do something about it.

So the ganker ships warped inand ganked the freighter. Then an industrial started to blink yellow. I killed that industrial.

But guess what. It was empty? How can that be?? There were also an orca and other industrials arround. So they probably ejected that cargo or handed it over to some fleet hangar.

This system is broken beyond belief. You need to be able to play a more active role against gankers. Also, when concord ist arround, ejecting of loot or handing loot into corp hangars should be prohibited for 5 minutes at least so anyone should be able to grab the loot, not some only some multi-account guys who pass the loot arround to avoid criminal status.

At the moment there are 2 options - undock and get ganked or stay docked and don’t get ganked.

CCP should clearly implement something that makes players able to actively do something against hi-sec ganking. And I mean actively, not “warping away” or “don’t carry anything in your cargo bay”.

Like a real chance to shoot the other guys who ninja-loot the stuff down with their alts, a real chance to save freighters.

The whole point of this game is to do something and when all players would fly in empty ships without fitting, that would be lame.


I also just did the math in Uedema, 120 ppl in local, at leaast 60% of them gankers.

Probably 5-10 real life players playing them, doing their “unbeatable” routine where they always cash in the loot and other players can’t actively prevent it.

And this is the “game”? Come on, this is lame.


Why do you hate gankers so much? Go to lowsec sometime. 80% of the people you see there will blow you up and take your stuff. Shouldn’t CCP do something about that, too?

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Try something besides mining?

You just killed the middleman who moves the loot from wreck directly into a DST‘s fleet hangar. The DST doesn’t get suspect from this. In this case you need to steal the loot yourself, to mess with the process. This isn’t rocket science, everybody on grid has the exact same chance on getting the loot. There is no advantage to the ganker.

You have a real chance to do either, you just need to play better.

Those guys know exactly what they’re doing. You’re only just figuring out how it works. Put in a bit more effort to understand the processes and points of weakness, grab some friends and you can seriously disrupt them. Good luck!

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I notice that a lot of these ganker multi-boxers are the same ones that whine about how Eve isn’t for soloing … yet they multibox. Bunch of hypocritical toads.

You were too late. If you had been faster you couldve caught the industrial before it ejected the cargo.

And if you had, then they wouldve lost all the loot.

Seems fair to me.

You can. Its called scouting and a webbing alt and repping and counter bumper and a suicide webber and suicide smartbomber. There are a lot of counters to ganking.

But if you dont use those counters, then nothing comes of it. Nothing happens, because you did nothing.

Or, you know, actually try and counter the gankers.

You can make an insta-lock tornado that can kill the looter before he has a chance to eject.

They only seem unbeatable because most freighter pilots dont bother doing anything to secure their 10s of billions of isk. This isnt the games fault. If i boot up call of duty but dont use any guns and try using only my knife, and i keep dying and getting beat, I can say “This game is unbeatable”, but only because I refuse to use use the tools that are available to me to help me win the game.

Common misconception from those who dont understand the argument.

The argument isnt that EVE isnt for soloing.

Its that EVE is designed to be played in a group, and if you want to solo, you can, but dont expect the same results as someone who has 10 accounts or 10 friends. You cannot expect to compete on the same level as 10 other characters, irrespective of whether those 10 characters are being controlled by 10 humans or 1 human.

This thread is a great example.

OP is saying how unfair it is that 1 freighter pilot with 1 account can be ganked by 20 pilots with no recourse.

Thats such a stupid argument, when you think about it. And yet, it is made.

10 accounts is not the same thing as 10 friends. Equating the two is non-sense.

How so.

Is your ship going to calculate damage differently when being shot at by 10 players rather than 10 accounts under one player?

One Player, as opposed to ten players … They’re different. One player with ten accounts is a solo player. Only in the land of equivocations and missing the point is one player with ten accounts, and ten players with one account each, the same thing.