Risk / Reward in Suicide Ganking out of Order?

The player with 10 omega accounts makes CCP 10x as much money.

Not if he ganks 11 players that rage quit. Certainly not if those eleven players then go tell eleven of their friends to not play Eve. And eleven is that magic number. Marketing studies have shown that a customer with a bad experience will on average tell eleven people of the bad experience. But if the experience is good, they’ll on average tell one person.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping Eve dangerous, but there a few things that are out of balance, and this is one of them.

I don’t understand why people who don’t like Eve insist on changing Eve into a different game. Most games on the market are different from Eve, without the same ganking “problems” - why not just play one of those?

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Using that reasoning, the Devs should all just stop what they are doing.

Equivocations win you no points.

You are very strange.


Okay. So if 10 people are mining with 10 accounts, or one person is mining with 10 accounts, and their skills and fits and ships are all the same, is there a difference in income?

You miss the point too. Congrats, you’re both in the same class.

Thats why Im asking you what your point was. All you stated was “Its equivocation to mix the two” “Youre missing the point”.

So what point are you saying im missing here?

CCP has showed that there is no correlation between players quitting and ganking. Just because you go and cry in a corner the second one of your pretty ships goes boom doesn’t mean that everyone who gets ganked quits.

Ganking looses money anyway in most cases so I fail to see this logic.

Why is it that many of you assume anyone who argues against high sec ganks, and in my case against those multi-boxers who pound thier chest about how great they are, assume that whom ever has the anti-gank position cries or has been ganked?

Could it be because you are being faced with the truth that you’re really just a lazy care bear who can’t play space ships with one account? Yeah. I think that’s the case.

A lot of salt from someone who hasn’t be ganked. If you aren’t mad because of that, there isn’t any reason to be angry now is there?

I only have 1 account. Man this makes you look dumb. I started ganking a while ago too I only have like 6 or 7 successful.

I want more people to play Eve and have fun so that CCP has more money to build more and fix more. If you can’t understand that, then that is on you.

There are people in this world that think beyond them selves ya know. Maybe one day you’ll figure that out.

Come now, you are just being silly. You can of course decide for yourself whether you enjoy, approve or participate in any sort of gameplay, but you are just throwing out terms to degrade your fellow players at this point. I mean, how is it lazier to multibox more accounts? It takes more time, effort and arguably skill to run more accounts effectively at the same time. And carebear? A carebear seeks to avoid interaction and confrontation. A “chest-beating” criminal is the antithesis of that.

There is a case to be made that criminal gameplay could be changed or improved, but to make such a case you need more than “I don’t like them”.

Almost everyone here wants Eve to succeed. But a safer Eve is not necessarily a better one or even a more popular one. CCP has spend tons of time looking a this and came to the conclusions that highsec crime isn’t a real issue for new players. Sure, some people don’t like a full-loot PvP game and will leave, but many others are seeking just that. There is a clear market for harsh, high-stakes competitive games.

Many people love being the pirate, or dodging the pirate and the danger of real loss. With every buff to highsec safety, activity has gone down. We even now have an experiment of what happens when you make highsec perfectly safe - Eve Echoes - and this was a disaster. That “version” of Eve is swarmed with bots and is mired in failed economy.

An “unfair” highsec where interactions and competition can actually still happens is better than a safe, boring and lifeless space. That spice is why this game is still around, and even while there are indeed problems, the fact that piracy is a thing in this game isn’t one of them.

I respond to them as they treat others on these boards. Deal with it. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Eve being dangerous and don’t want to see high sec agro nerfed. It could use some balance and I’ve said as much many times.

I dont think I ever asked you what you lost.

So youre saying that using multiple accounts, having to input more commands into each account, is somehow making us lazier than someone who just uses one account and only has to input a command once?

I dont think you understand what the word “lazy” means.

But if you want to make the argument that multiboxing is wrong, im all up for discussing that with you. I just dont see what it has to do with the topic at hand, that has been and was being discussed in here.

So do I, but i also understand that someone with 3 accounts will also make CCP more money if they sub for all 3 accounts than just 1. I have 3 active omega accounts, and 4 alphas that i havent subbed because i dont use them a lot anymore. I used to have 12, sold off 5 characters or so in the character bazaar. CCP got a lot of money from me. Theres nothing wrong with that. If you want to sub 100 accounts and use them all to gank or mine or station spin, theres nothing wrong with that.

They wont figure it out from you, because your arguments suck. Maybe it will take someone who is more convincing, with actual good arguments, to make others figure whatever you wanted us to figure out.

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I treat everyone here equally. I write arguments and make arguments, and discuss it with other people.

So far, youve done none of that. Your arguments are merely “You missed my point” “Multibox bad” “lazy multiboxers, single accounts are not being lazy(lol)”.

Maybe if you actually explained your reasoning and talked to us, you would have a better chance at conveying how you feel and demonstrate why we are wrong.

Not if they’re running around and causing bad experiences for customers. That’s the point that you can’t seem to grasp.

To the customer who had a bad experience being ganked, do you seriously think that the customer will care if they were ganked by 10 players controlling 10 accounts, or by 1 player controlling 3 accounts?