RNG mechanics

Simple question - do the RNG mechanics work differently on the test server compared to the Tranquility Server?

The reason why I ask is that I’m currently running T4 gamma filaments on the test server but always seem to get the easier spawns. I get rooms with Drek/vedmak/kiki/lashak’s in every now and then, and the odd battleship room, but I’ve yet to have the marshall room after 25+ attempts?

I’ve only done two T4 filaments on Tranquility, the first one spawned a Drekavac/Kiki room twice, then a bunch of kiki’s on their own for the third room (I survived.)

The second filament I tried spawned an easy rogue drone room first up, but then I got a room with three Marshalls and three Thunder Children, which killed me very very quickly indeed!

I’ve never died on the test server from running T4 gamma’s yet I only seem to get the easier spawns here while the spawns seem a lot harder on Tranquility. I can’t work out why this is; The ship fit is the same, same implants, skills are copied over to the test server, so I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

It might be true but I really doubt a sample size of 2 runs can really determine anything. It wouldn’t seem reasonable for the rng to be different as it doesn’t matter that much.

Bear in mind that the “test” server is a development QA server where new features can be tested before deployment to the production server. Players are allowed access as guinea pigs to help with the testing.

It is quite possible that they don’t want players “solving” content on the test server where there are no consequences so they scale back the difficulty.

Some years ago every thing was “solved” in days on the test server, so people started into events with optimal fits and no losses. Since then CCP changed the policy and doesn’t enable public testing of events anymore. Hence I would take Abyss test results with a grain of salt.

okay - so I did a bit more on the test server and actually got a Marshall spawn - just one Marshall with weak support though, so I got through it okay.

Finally I decided to run a T4 on Tranquility - so just my third ever T4 filament run. I figured that as I only just died the other day to a Marshall room the odds of me getting another one were slim.

So I popped a T4 gamma and went for it!

Room one
Marshall room!!
Yup! Thank you RNG!! This one was a lot weaker than the other Marshall room I’d faced, it comprised of one Marshall, 2 drainer pacifer disparu and a bunch of Skybreakers. Oh - and I started in the middle of a blue cloud too! I immediately overheated everything, dropped drugs and burned away as fast as I could. I made it through but burnt through about 50% of my engine. This was when I remembered I’d left my repair paste back at the station!!

Room 2
two harrowing Vedmak’s, one Starving Vedmak and a bunch of tangling, binding Damaviks. This room was okay, as I’d practiced this a fair amount so knew that as long as I took out the Vedmaks first and stayed away from the tangling stuff I’d be okay.

Room 3
More Vedmaks and a heap of Villa Swarmer drones. Easy.

So I made it through, but am shaken a little at how much harder T4’s are to run on Tranquility than they are on the test server. Oh - and for all of that I got about 20 mill in loot.