For some reason i thought it would be cool to skill rockets and assault frigs. I was wrong, what is the purpose of rockets really? there are so many better alternatives

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Can confirm.

The Jaguar, in particular, is absolute trash and nobody flies it at all.

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Yesterday I bought a super expensive espresso machine just because I thought it would be cool. I have no room for this thing and I don’t even drink coffee. Can’t someone explain to me what this dumb thing is used for? I could have bought so many other things instead.


Rockets are very good for brawling.

Rockets are very useful for ships like Kestrels, Hookbills, and Jackdaws in small gang / solo fights.

What kind of “alternatives” are you talking about and for what situations are you using them?

They do, but mostly as bait-tank.

As for the OP,

Rockets are pretty versatile in small gang. With certain ships you can deal damage to kiters, you can scram kite and you can brawl, all without changing the fit, just your ammo. Only drones can say the same and they have their own vulnerabilities.

So i guess you could rockets are jack of all trades master of none. Use them to exploit your opponents weaknesses rather than play to your strengths.

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If you read this, you will understand that all weapons and fitting components have advantages and disadvantages.

When combined to create a balanced and coherent build… and flown that way… they win.

Ie: used correctly, they’re as good as anything else.

Rockets have 3 primary advantages:

  1. you can select damage type, which makes them able to take advantage of low native resists (EM for shield, EXP for armor).
  2. They’re range neutral. That means that you can outrange a blaster boat and get too close for a laser boat to hit you.
  3. They’re powerful for low speed applications.

A good pairing is afterburner, neutralizer, rockets, and tankiness. That gives you the neut to get range control… the tank to survive long enough to establish range control with the neut, and the range neutrality to always fire from a range your enemy hates.

As a mid-range scram kite… they’re very effective.

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maybe this should be moved into pvp or pve part ?

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I agree rockets are incredibly bad and aren’t the norm for small gang pvp. For small gang people preffer light missiles , in order for rockets to be more appealing given their short range their DPS should be increased

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