Rogue Drone: File; Encrypted

LoKiPeniz the Xargur decloaked at S.S. White Star’s SDDC (Spatial Distorter Drive Canopy).
The vessel moved into position near other cruisers and frigates before a holographic screen depicting Drop Dead Fred.
Jedi Admiral Doctor Maximillion Godfrey radioed Ottom Ephesianos as soon as LoKiPeniz came to a full stop.
“Elite welcomes you captain. Take a load off. Do you want a sample of spice?” Elite Ephesianos, Ottom Ephesianos’s insane mad scientist alter ego has connections to a spice trade and a little green Jovian called Yoda.
“Sound’s illegal. Are those real gate guns?” The LoKiPeniz signaled back.
“It’s better than a Blue Pill.” The Admiral said.
“What about the Red one?” CPT Ephesianos requested while ordering up some wing dings.
“Bout’ the same.” The Jedi admitted.
“Have Security Chief Harry Bean Potter, Captain Meredith Vickers Monroe and Communications Officer Betty Brant bring me some Spice.”
“What about Wiggins?” The radio chimed.
“He’s over 18?!” CPT Ephesianos exclaimed.
“Wait one.” There was some static. “No.”
“Too bad.”

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This ill-fitting content is not welcome on the IGS. Drugs are not healthy to ones mental status.

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Alexandre Arthie,
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