Rokh Caldari Battleship Redesign

So i recently bought a Rokh battleship which looked pretty cool. But i felt it was missing something that can make it look even better. So i went online, looked up so spaceship models and found a way. As you know, in the front of the ship, there is a top part and a bottom part that is larger than the rest of the ship. So i thought, if we took that off, it would be much better. So here’s what i did as a quick conception:

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That looks pretty cool. Even cooler than the already cool and sleek Rokh.

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but i like my space train…


but caldari isn’t supposed to be sleek they are blocky and functional. Or at least they were before the French loon made them unrecognizable as caldari

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bruhhhh LMAO

Well, if this Rokh redesign suggestion is not blocky and functional, what is? The new Caldari design for most ships is very blocky, too, with all the flat surfaces and straight edges. It’s far more blocky and functional than the old designs.

Sleek is a far better term to describe the current looks. The old caldari ships were basically boxes clipped inside boxs… Well there was no basically about it really

Very true. Especially the Moa. Even back then, the Rokh stood out from all the other Caldari ships as a more thoroughly thought through and comprehensive design.

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