Role for combat ceptors, help with oppressing cyno use

My proposal is quite simple and includes a new role bonus.

A warp scrambler fitted to the ship will prevent the activation of normal cyno modules on the scrambled target.

This new effect has no influence on covert nor already running cynos (only next cycle).

What do you think? @Olmeca_Gold?

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well… this sounds pointless and contrived it may have done a little to shake things up before the local changes but now it’s completely and utterly meaningless.

Interceptor might be unfair as in it is too fast, especially if you account for current ongoing blackout.

No, it’s not unfair. It’s better than deleting cynos, they keep their use in fleets and fights, and for moving. But it removes the choice of solo ships to light the cyno when things go downhill, if they can’t kill the combat ceptor.

This hopefully voids the supercap umbrellas, together with keeping local opt-in.

Supercap umbrellas will just keep cloaked cyno-capable ship on-grid/in system for the emergency. So it doesn’t solve anything aside from cyno baits and small skirmishes with hotdrops.

So having a great defense for your sov space is now something we are trying to design out of the game?

The problem with capitals is not just this one thing, nerfing everything capitals are good at is not the solution IMHO.

I prefer my own solution for various reasons.

CCP already has their own solution, its logical as they have not simply given combat inti’s some random stats and said here its now balanced.

The whole reason that combat inti’s have not been changed yet has to be, that they use new mechanics that are not yet released to us.

I just really hope that CCP fix’s their cap, its worse than t1 ships by like 2x lol…

But the whole cyno inbit on combat inti’s has been proposed many times in the last year:

Why run cyno when you have 155 cloaked friends

Can you point me to your proposal?

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Your proposal wont work against null secors for long thou unfortunately, a tackle ceptor can warp to the tackled capital and make a bookmark just before coming out of warp 1000-10000km’s away, warp back to that bookmark and light a cyno then unlimited supers and caps appear and warp to the tackled target and get a free juicy black ops kill mail along with anything silly enough to stay on grid.

Or they might even us a cyno cloaky recon alt max cyno inhib range + 50km’s off and just sit there in case their cap gets tackled and immediately cyno, we need better idea’s none of ours will work for long null blocks would easily counter.

The entire point of my proposal is forcing friendlies to warp to their tackled friends rather than being able to directly interfere. If you say that’s what’s gonna happen, my proposal is successful. My proposal isn’t designed to make a guaranteed kill of every tackled capital in null. It is designed to create meaningful play and counterplay. They can warp on a perch and bring in capitals. You can stop people from warping from point A to point B with sabres, hictors, mobile bubbles. They can try and clear your bubbles or kill your sabres. Interactive gameplay goes on.

See above.

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