Rookie Griefing

Do experienced players actually adhere to this?


I filed a complaint just last week for Tar - griefing 5-day-old characters. So apparently not.

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Was it griefing though? In soe systems griefing is only defined as “destroying, stealing, or ransoming mission critical items” engaging players, and even ganking them IS permitted within soe arc systems.

You got 32,000 people logging in every day, with 31,995 having better things to do than pester newbies in their starter systems. Although the 5 can “ruin the game” for a few newbies, from a percentage point of view, players adhere to the rules.

But you have to keep in mind that it’s a PVP game, and the simplest way to figure out someone’s personality is to shoot and see how they react. Some of the PVP / pirate corps RECRUIT this way. In any case, getting your ship shot is not “griefing”.

And, if you feel you’ve been griefed, by all means create a support ticket. That’s what the tickets are for. CCP does put some effort into trying to attract new players, and they’ll reimburse ships and items if the free ones you get from the career agents aren’t sufficient.

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From the same article you’re citing, I’m reading this:

  • Attempting to abuse a new players lack of knowledge of the game and its mechanic for your personal gain or simply for their harm is prohibited in these solar systems.
  • This includes, but is not limited to; tricking new players into situations where you or others may open fire on them freely . . .
  • Players are advised to reconsider any aggressive action against new players . . .

@Bjorn_Tyrson unambiguous if you cite the whole article and not just parts of it, and I witnessed and recorded all of the above occurring from the vantage point of my cloaked ship.

Also, your cited article does not state that “destroying, stealing, or ransoming mission critical items” is the standard definition of griefing as you suggest, and, as it stands, there’s language that says that’s actually not the said definition - specifically “not limited to”. You left that language out as well. And if ganking is somehow “permitted”, then how can you state that ganking is somehow not “destroying” ?

Lastly, anyone who’s been around the game for any reasonable length of time knows exactly what griefing is, and that’s literally what the article is all about - griefing new players is not permitted. Hence the title of the article, Rookie Griefing.

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Lol same to you

Yes Tar is on that Sisters list and yes that would be banned.

But when you say

That is wrong and you are wrong


Just NOT in a “protected system” that is listed on that page you linked.

Im an expert on Newbie Griefing btw.

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Good to know, so I 'm sure you didn’t miss the part where I clearly stated that this all occurred in Tar.

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Actually you are never allowed to grief anyone in EVE. Grief play is prohibited.
Just ganking != griefing.

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Thank you for the facts. My assumption going forward (even sideways) will be that Eve is pretty much anything goes and I’ll try to prepare myself accordingly

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You nailed it. … within the boundaries of the (quite well balanced) mechanics of course.

Also, judging from your character creation date you just passed 30 days and thus will not be considered a rookie anymore in any system. Going forward, you are playing Eve with the rest of us and New Eden is a full-time PvP sandbox where you can always be shot. Don’t worry, with experience you will find that you can be almost completely safe in highsec just by paying attention, and if you follow the most important Golden Rule and not fly anything you cannot afford to lose, you are at no real risk to the other players.

But to answer your question, yes, most players follow the Rookie Griefing rules and the few that don’t (on purpose or by mistake) get sanctioned by CCP. If you feel that someone broke the rules file a support ticket here:

Reminds me of Socratic…

Well, someone has to keep the number of players down so we can complain about CCP doing it wrong, right?


You’re partially wrong too.

The only way to wardec a newbie is if they’re in a player corp, killing newbies in a player corp via wardec is permissible in every system in hisec, including the protected ones; once someone joins a player corp, they are no longer considered to be newbies under the protection of the rookie griefing policy, a GM/Dev said as much on the old forums.

If a newbie gains a suspect flag by taking something from you without encouragement, then you can shoot them in the face regardless of whether or not the system is on the protected list.

What you can’t do is use their lack of knowledge about the game against them in order to put them in a situation where you can shoot them in the face in the protected systems. For instance: Can baiting in those systems with cans named “free stuff”, telling newbies to turn their safety to amber because they can’t take from the can, and then shooting them in the face when they do take from the can would be considered rookie griefing.


Arnon is a New Order system and is policed by the forces of James 315.


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