Rorqual pilot 75 Mil SP

It is now a 5m sp char

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Lol it is. @GM_Telomer @GM_Nito @GM_Zyra @GM_Eidolon @GM_Whiskers @GM_Cyberraga can you please look into this? This guy has stripped the character clean over 12 hours and now wants to send me a 5m SP character after I sent him 53Bil ISK.

He translated it alright.

@Tyrophor You’ve done your scam. If you have hacked someone’s account don’t spend money sending me a shell toon. You will be banned anyway.

Any movement on this?

kazim make a ticket and the gm’s wil ltake care of it they do not respond to pings here

I did. I’d expect them to at least lock the thread

sry tried to tell you that ingame :slight_smile:

they take it very serieusly if ppl scam in char bazaar

than you can betetr flag the post when you discovered it was emptied than you make it easier for them to backtrace
click the tripple dot mark for that option

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