Rorqual pilot 75 Mil SP
Security Status 0.06
No Killrights.
In NPC corp.
Positive wallet
Starting bid 50 B


still relevant? can we agree for 55?


quick sale 57

53? and go

I can accept to buy at 53Bil as discussed in game

Shall I go ahead and send ISK? @Tyrophor

yes go

ISK and Account details sent. Please confirm you’ve received it. @Tyrophor

@Tyrophor you have 30 min to respond here or in game before I call in ISD

I answered you, why panic? I was waiting for you more

Can you please read above? I sent ISK and account details 37 min ago.

read in the game
I’m just at work, I’m sorry

Ok. No problem. Sometimes there are scammers here, so just making sure.

I understand, I will do everything, do not worry


@Tyrophor I’m still waiting for confirmation of ISK + details received & Transfer Character email.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode @GM_Telomer I think we got a problem here. I sent him isk around 12 hours ago.

no problem, I’ll translated within 30 minutes