RORQUALS in Highsec

Ok I read the statements made in a topic brought up on this subject back in October. “Rorqual question (don't laugh at me)
I have debunked EVERYTHING told to that player.
Fact they are in no way shape or form a capital BATTLESHIP. these are the only capitals not allowed in imperial space.
FACT there is nothing in the attributes stating they are not allowed I have checked this over the course of 6 years now.
FACT: They are handy capped here in high sec to no gate use.
FACT: they can NOT use excavator drones in high sec. there are alternative which up here would work just about as good.
FACT: someone said that Industrial cores do not operate in HIGH SEC. THIS IS FALSE. I ran it on the test server and then checked the attributes here as well. it can be used in high sec,
Don’t ask me why, but it is not banned in imperial space so it is useable.

So my question is can we make a way to get them to high sec after purchase or maybe lift sanctions to allow Capital Industrial Command ships to be built in high sec. Looking for dev input here.

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No thank you. We don’t need more afk in high sec.

There are so many things wrong with this idea I don’t even know where to start.

It’s adorable that you think this, in any way, makes for a good argument as to why Rorquals should be allowed in highsec.


I don’t get this mentality, why is AFK such a bother to others, to me a ship, asteroid, or just a random NPC doesn’t bother me at all.

I would love to have a Rorqual myself in high sec, problem is people would use the industrial set up to block undocking at Jita as there is already a jerk who keeps his frieghters right out in front, bad enough they spam the undock with BS but it has gotten out of control and CCP/GM’s should do something to address the spamming of frieghters blocking the undock (and no players can’t fix it themselves because they just dock up).

op…FACT: ccp says no, so all your efforts are in vain


It’s nice that it doesn’t bother you, but that is not a good argument for implementing this.

I dont see how this is a problem in the slightest.

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I don’t know in how slow ship you are undocking to not have enough Invulnerability time form undock to past them and/or warp to safe spot.

Ok that I could see as A potential problem in and of itself. it is very true they could be used like that as well. That is an understandable woe.

FACT: It’s not going to happen and literally nobody cares that you want otherwise.


FACT: nevertheless there will be whine posts asking - nay demanding! -more yield in highsec anyways.


Not at all my very active pvp friend! Infact the mechanics allow for it… It is a matter of how to balance them out with out nerfing them to death.

The undocked cone is bigger than the warp cone. Therefore you can be ejected in a direction, that requires more than 0s to align back - which is enough to make your ship bumped.
Even a very fast align frigate can be caught. Already happened with a <2s align .

Highsec is the area of space where new players have the closest thing they’re going to get to parity with established players. The ‘no capitals’ rule lowers the ceiling of superiority a bittervet can have over a newbro.

Regardless of whether you consider the Rorqual to be a true capital, the fact remains that it is superior to the mining ships already available and would increase the disparity between the old and the new. If they were not, people wouldn’t want one. Having EHP numbers in the millions makes it practically invulnerable when protected by CONCORD, which they most certainly would be.

I think Highsec should be themed around accessible newbro activities, and I do not favor changes that put newbies even further behind their established competitors in highsec than they already are. I realize they could go join some established group, but that leads to the game becoming stale when genuinely fresh groups have nowhere that they can get started without a truly monumental effort.

War isn’t the only means of aggression. Deny a people food, and you can kill them all without firing a shot. Give old players the power to deny their upstart rivals the resources they need to succeed, and those rivals will starve.

Also, killing a rorq in high sec would be impossible outside of wars which are easy to avoid. Even if it fits no tank the PANIC button lasts more then long enough for concord to show up.


I agree with my ganker and HTFU friends (?) in saying no, it cannot be ganked and if you can use one in hisec without being exposed to wars you are in an ship that cannot be killed. As it is impossible to tie in ownership to being war decked imo, there is no way that this should be implemented.


Nah, we can balance it by not having them in highsec. Oh, look, we already did it! Hurray!


I think that the recent threads, where people basically beg for easier money making, are all made by farmers, who fear their real life income made in null is slowly but surely going to dry out.


Its already seriously bad and hilarious enough that nowadays more Orcas are seen mining in high-sec than barges and exhumers - bringing up Rorquals is just…

The ‘no capitals’ in high sec was a direct result of the first changes made to cynos and allowing capitals to use gates. If you are serious about this expect immediate repurcussion in the form of asking to revert all those movement changes to a state of 2008/2009. You wont have any friends left in Eve.

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Silly you. He’s using a Rorqual. He didn’t have any friends to begin with. :slight_smile: