[ROUND] Press Release - Project Gwennan - Integrated Planetary Support Vessels

The Round Table Assembly is announcing today the culmination of a long-running internal project. As elected warden, it is my duty and pleasure to follow the will of the assembly and provide here some additional information on a new platform for ground operations that has seen limited test deployments that we are expanding out now that a production candidate iteration has been settled upon, and production samples are being prepared to be sent out to a number of entities throughout the cluster.

While the project began initially to create an updated Warbarge, integrating a number of modern systems and emergent technologies, it has evolved into a generalized planetary response vessel suitable for a wide variety of mission parameters, from military actions to humanitarian relief missions.

The key features of this class are its 25 ample reconfigurable personnel bays, 10 of which are supported by multiple Warclone type CRUs capable of limited medical cloning, and all of which are complemented by multiple planetary support craft hangars and bays.

Other features of this craft include an additional 5 Warclone grade CRUs for supporting the ships defensive fighter complement, several “flex compartments” that are designed to be reconfigured from training areas, supplemental cargo holds, additional evacuation capacity, or any of a number of other applications.

More details of the specifications will be included in a document approved for public release, including the development histories and iterations it went through to bring it to this point.

The initial prototype was built at the Accorded Sotiyo, The Warbarge, destroyed earlier this year. Pre-production “Block 1” units and Production Sample “Block 2” were refined and produced or are under production at the Alta Shipworks in MHC-R3

Preproduction samples “Block 1” are being allocated to select private entities with one earmarked for distribution to CONCORD’s SARO Red Troop and DERAIL Divisions, one for the Servant Sisters of Eve, and one to Arkombine to undergo initial trials and vetting of the underlying technologies at play.

There are 48 planned initial production samples that, upon their completion in the coming months, will be sent to the following Security Contractors throughout the four major empires for independent evaluation:

  • Algintal Core
  • Amarr Templars
  • Ametat Security
  • Bragian Order
  • Brutor Vanguard
  • Chatelain Rapid Response
  • Circle of Huskarl
  • Commando Perkone
  • Company of Marcher Lords
  • Condotta Rouvenor
  • Crux Special Tasks Group
  • Edimmu Warfighters
  • Expert Intervention
  • Eyniletti Rangers
  • Forty-Nine Fedayeen
  • Fraternity of St. Venefice
  • Holdfast Syndicate
  • Ikomari-Onu Enforcement
  • Intara Direct Action
  • Isuuaya Tactical
  • Kameira Lodge
  • Kang Lo Directorate
  • Kinsho Swords
  • Kirkinen Risk Control
  • Krullefor Organization
  • Krusual Covert Operators
  • Mannar Focused Warfare
  • Mikramurka Shock Troop
  • Namtar Elite
  • Onikanabo Brigade
  • Osmon Surveillance
  • Ostrakon Agency
  • Paladin Survey Force
  • Red and Silver Hand
  • Resheph Interstellar Strategy
  • Royal Uhlans
  • Sanmatar Kelkoons
  • Sebiestor Field Sappers
  • Seituoda Taskforce Command
  • Seykal Expeditionary Group
  • Shining Flame
  • Sinq Laison Gendarmes
  • Storm Wind Strikeforce
  • Tal-Romon Legion
  • Tronhadar Free Guard
  • Vherokior Combat Logistics
  • Villore Sec Ops
  • Zumari Force Projection

A resource containing the Project Background, Timeline, and high level overview as presented to the Rount Table Assembly

While we are unsure how wide of adoption this design or its derivatives may have, our primary concern is ensuring that proper built and designed Warclone support infrastructure exists well into the future to allow for Warclone operatives from any empire or area of space to function in operational areas throughout the cluster. The wider operational profile and reconfigurability of this platform make us hopeful that we can achieve similar adoption rates to previous Warbarge platforms if the design is accepted.


I do hope that Drust and friends enjoy the courtesy pre-production sample. All the effort he’s put in, he deserves something at least.

Its been a pleasure being able to contribute to the production of the Block 1 and Block 2 series of craft, and look forward to continuing production and design collaborations with thw Accords and others.


I feel it now pertinent to communicate that the final batch round of the Block 2 Production Sample hulls will be being distributed to the remaining recipients that have as yet not received an IPSV for their trialing and evaluation. Some apologies in the slight delay, as manufacturing had to be separated into four sets of 12 due to production dock bottlenecks.

To this point, each batch has been distributed evenly amongst empire Security Contractors, with three from each batch of Block 2 sample hulls being transferred to three security contractors from each empire.


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