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Clementine Lafleur stands on an elevated platform in full combat fatigues looking over a full complement of her crew.

“My friends of NSV Retribution, it is my obligation and duty as your Captain, but more importantly as a fellow citizen that I should speak with you on a very morbid subject, Death. It is a very real and permanent thing that I believe that every single person here should have a say in the manner in which they meet him.”

“I want to sing of glory and fame, of riches and easy living. But what we do is not a fairy tale. Our enemy is without mercy, and they will not treat you with the dignity you deserve. They will take away the most important choice you will every get to make. I am here to say you will. I have arranged that every crew member to be supplied with a set of ‘Liberty’ Pills. These are to be taken if we are to be captured or if the ship must be scuttled."

Murmurs begin to rise amongst the crew. She raises her hands to settle the crowd.

“Please do not misunderstand the meaning this. I have no intention of throwing away our ship, or your lives so easily. I solemnly swear with every fibre in my being, we will bring vengeance for fallen brothers and sisters. We will burn every ship, structure, and semblance that these pretenders have built. We will liberate these systems not just for the Federation but for all humanity.”

She clears her throat, her face flushing as she shouts.

Retribution begins now!

Captain Clementine Lafleur of NADSC addressing her crew of NSV Retribution stationed in Angymonne - Smokey (Gradient).


Message Intercepted from Skarkon Dispatched to DED/SARO Task Force from Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army

Transmission Heavily Degraded, Attempting to Run Heuristic Analysis

General Failure

General Failure

General Failure

General Failure

General Failure

Advanced Heuristic Analysis Approved by DERAIL

Rescue, survival, and escape training for aquatic environments in Skarkon II are proceeding swiftly. Mutadaption observed to have noticeable, but unverified effect on marine ecosystems. Scouts confirmed presence of bioadapted local territorial crustaceans effected with gigantism, carapace shell appears weak in several locations.
Positive confirmation on theory of carcinization among native marine life, while fascinating, has done little to improve my thalassophobia.


Varyazi away team in Wirashoda is reporting successful sapper operations in planned demolition and recovery of structures in accordance with Stribog scorched earth policy. Diplomatic links created between Varyazi warclones and baseline militia groups Eagles of Stormwind, Sobornost Security Services. Recruitment and warclone conversion training offered for proven militia members, as well as Varyazi Clade membership. New recruits to return with away team for Questors training in Ishuhuolvi at the bequest of drill instructor Sawdeth Terminus. I will be closely observing the training for prospective candidates. Physical endurance and strength not considered essential compared to willingness to face death.
Valklear units in the Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army have a recruitment motto; “I am not going to train you; I am going to try to kill you.” I assure you warclone training is much the same way, and we take this challenge far more literally.


/////Camera Drone Footage On Standard Fluid Router Networks, Independent Press Credentials, Licensed for Distribution in Gallente Federation and submitted for syndication with foreign broadcasters: “Master File: “A Federal In Pochven”, Video File-Senda 1”\\

An opening animation of a soaring eagle diving into an triangular filament ends with a stylized logo clearly reminiscent of the Gallente Federation next to another logo, again stylized but reminiscent of the Triglavian Collective. Title script beneath the dual logos reads: “A Federal in Pochven.”

Somber orchestral music plays out against a quick montage of various sights in the Senda III - Moon 1 - Veles Clade Proving Complex, including flying shots of the main concourse bearing the Veles Clade logo, and untranslated Triglavian script; the montage then comes to rest on a flyover of the Senda star.


A feminine voiceover plays against the video images: “'Pochven is mystery. Pochven is ‘space hell.’ Pochven is ‘home.’ All too often, the truth depends on who is telling it. But one truth rings out above all others: Pochven is here to stay and the Triglavian Collective, whether we like it or not, has become the newest neighbor to the CONCORD signatory powers. On the heels of the largest conflict the region has yet known, the time has come for a new need: a need for understanding and patience.”

A camera drone sequence opens with a woman wearing a Triglavian Survival Suit (Encounter Variant) walking down a station boulevard with bystanders dressed in similar attire. She keeps her pace slow, but deliberate as she gesticulates towards the camera.

“It has been several days since the last Fortizar in Senda was destroyed by the combined efforts of Rekking Crew and EDENCOM loyalist forces. Many lives have been lost in the associated conflict and many more disrupted because of the destruction of major Upwell facilities here and in the system of Wirashoda.”

The camera angle changes in an unbroken shot from a “down the street” view to a “side of street” view as a local vendor tending to a hastily-assembled, almost makeshift shop stall comes into focus in one half of the shot. The vendor is also dressed in a survival suit.

“Good afternoon, sir,” The woman says.

“Good afternoon,” The vendor responds, though his voice is muffled by his survival suit’s mask.

“May I ask what it is you sell?”

“Whatever I managed to get out of the Fortizar whenever the evacuation orders came down. It was tough bidding to get slots on couriers,” the vendor shrugs as he begins piling random pieces of machinery, consumer electronics, and powered tools on the counter to show the camera, “I rented a warehouse space on the Fortizar. Now, all I have is what you see and what’s behind me in the shop.”

“Do you know what happened to the rest of your merchandise?”

“Looted or left adrift, I don’t know,” the vendor shrugs again, “Salvagers are normally more interested in ship parts. All I know for sure is that I’m not getting any insurance payouts.”

“Is that a risk you knew about?”

“Yeah. I knew about it. But if I knew this was how it would turn out, I would do it again. In a heartbeat.”


“When you come to do business in Pochven, you don’t come for the safety nets. This is as real as it gets. And that is just the way things are. Some, like me, can handle that. Others? Not so much.”

“Do you believe you will be able to recover?”

“I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

“Thank you, I will let you get back to work.”


The camera pans back to the woman as she begins walking down the boulevard again, the stall appearing in profile as the vendor goes about stacking merchandise and wares to put on display for passers-by.

“Many merchants, technicians, and engineers who were previously employed on now-destroyed Upwell structures can forge new lives for themselves in one of the Clade-controlled stations in Pochven. The uptick can lead to fierce competition but many embrace the challenge as a form of Proving. But what about those who were not fortunate enough to survive the conflict? How do Triglavian and kybernauts honor their deceased? With any luck, we will find out in our next installment. This is Viverina Cielvoss for ‘A Federal in Pochven.’”

///End of File\\


A holoreel opens with a jaunty tune set to a title card that reads “The New Amarr Industrialist.”

The stage was bathed in soft hues of golden light. The furniture, dark polished woods with plush cushions. The backdrop, a live screen overseeing a bustling city on Amarr.

Lirina sat, pencil straight, hands folded in her lap. She wore a sleek business dress with accents of gold thread. Her golden hair braided and wrapped into a tight bun high on the back of her head. The interviewer, another woman with sleek shiny black hair and a wispy light dress sat across from her. Between them a table with a crystal decanter filled with water and two crystal glasses.

“Baroness Lirina Harsodi, such a pleasure to talk with you .”

Lirina put on a small pleasant smile. “Likewise.” She said, smoothly.

Arideth, the interviewer continued. “Your story is truly a riches to rags, back to riches story. The late Baron Harsodi had made some, interesting decisions concerning the operations of his vast industry.”

Lirina offered a simple nod. “Indeed.”

“One that left your holdings in absolute disarray and destitution. How did you manage to recover it? Or should I say in the process of recovering it. And I must admit, under your direction you’ve managed to get it back on course in a very short amount of time.”

Lirina continued to smile, sitting up straight and firm. “It was not easy. I took what little inheritance I had bequeathed to me, and poured it all into becoming a capsuleer.”

“A risky endeavor.”

“Indeed,” Lirina continued, “but with risk comes reward. I managed to avoid the wetgrave and was born again. But now I had ISK available to me. And with that I’ve been successful in restarting the family empire.”

“The decision your father made raised many brows within the Empire.”

“Yes, freeing his slaves was not a popular move.”

“Some say he did it to foster new business ventures with the Gallente.”

Lirina continued her little smile, “one that was both unnecessary and damaging. The Gallente have an insatiable appetite for goods despite their… public displeasure with certain workforce ethics… Know the right people, and the right connections, one can get almost anything sold on their markets.

“Clever. And it seems to be working. Though that cannot be your only production line.”

“Of course not. Right now Harsodi Enterprises is working on a contractual deal with Khanid Works. Base material manufacturing that will be used in their more advanced factories. Along with investment interests in other projects.

“Some have been claiming that your workforce is among the happiest and most satisfied compared to companies of equal size.”

“Yes, that is true. A thing I learned from both the Gallente and the Caldari. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. And those that show exceptional productivity are given extra benefits and perks. It works quite well.”

“Clearly. I do have one more question. The death of your father was quite mysterious.”

“Yes.” Lirina continued, her face turned into somewhat of a forced frown, “We’ve hired a private investigator, because the local constabulary has been unable to turn up anything. And what they have found so far is that he was likely murdered by the Minmatar woman that he became romantically involved with.”

Arideth paused, that was new news to her. “Do you think his decision to free his slaves was influenced by that?”

“It makes the most logical sense. I do hope they find her. I would very much like to pursue legal action against her.”

Arideth nodded “we’ve gone over, but I’d like to conclude that we are keeping a keen eye on your blossoming new Industry and we wish you all the luck. Until next time…”

And the Holoreel fades to black with scrolling credits.


Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 03 July YC123


The Nakri VI Imperial Navy station saw a reappearance of the anti-social group calling itself “Nadezdha”, with incidents of property damage yesterday. Having been quiet since Nakri’s rejection of the heretic “Empty Throne” movement, the reappearance comes as something of a surprise.

The group’s name was found daubed on a number of properties and facilities, the majority of which belong to the local Koval family, with building belonging to the other noble families, and even private businesses, being targeted as well. In an escalation of their behaviour, a Koval security guard was seriously assaulted attempting to prevent one such incident. Station security are investigating the matter, though no suspects have been named.

The group’s motivations are currently unknown, and they have issued no demands nor public statements, though Security Chief Sokolov has stated his firm belief that they are not connected with any heretical groups. Investigations continue to identify and apprehend the group’s members and leaders.



Legendary holoreel actor Jacques Benoit faced a flood of protest as multiple industry news outlets reported that he had signed a deal with the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist to star in a upcoming film about the coming of the so-called “True Emperor” of sedevacantist theology. “It is to be expected,” complained Minmatar-rights activist Astrid Svensson, “that after his last two films Rogue Drone Cyber Knight and Raiders of the Lost Takhmal Crystal Skull bombed at the box office, Mr. Benoit would take any opportunity for a big payday, especially given he’s currently undergoing his fourth divorce. What we didn’t expect was that Mr. Benoit would trample all over the Minmatar people to get that payday.” De facto sedevacantist leader Nauplius has repeatedly preached that the coming of his church’s “True Emperor” would be accompanied by the re-enslavement of all Minmatar, even those currently given freedom by the Amarr Empire. Further inflaming activists’ ire was the discovery in holoreel trade magazines of advertisments seeking “50,000 Ethnically Minmatar Extras” as well as “Industrial Quantities of Artifical Blood”, suggesting a film depicting the deaths of large number of Minmatar.

Sedevacantist Church spokesperson Calyce Io declined to comment on Mr. Benoit’s signing but said that a holoreel featuring the coming of the True Emperor is a long standing goal of the church. Mr. Benoit through his agent also declined comment on his deal with the sedevacantists, but claimed to have nothing but love and respect for the Minmatar people.


Never will you hear me say that the Wayism I teach is - True - Wayism. Such fallacies I will leave for the Caldari to play with in their attempt to present their outdated and closed minded interpretation as the undisputed understanding of Wayism.

For me to claim my teaching is the true teaching would be to claim I have some absolute understanding of Nature. That I hold all the answers of our spiritual world, yet the only truth here is that I am a mere human being no different than those assembled here today. The Wayism I teach today is a teaching crafted from my perspective, one that is prone to being flawed, to being misinformed and even being wrong. Nature does not speak to us through words like another human would, it speaks to us through action and it is in these actions we must examine and understand.

I have confidence in what I speak today, I have examined nature in my own way and made my interpretation, but like any other human I am vulnerable to error. The State will claim perfection in their understanding, I will claim the possibilities of being flawed in my views, for I will not reject my human tendency to be mistaken.

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard The Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ8-V

(I’m brand new to roleplaying an EVE character, so I welcome polite and constructive feedback.)

Statement from CONCORD on the recent tragic event near Caille:

Our thoughts and sympathies are with all Gallente as we mourn the loss of twenty prospective Capsuleers and seven instructors associated with University of Caille.

While conducting transference exercises prior to their graduation, 27 individuals were lost in an explosion. The self-destruct sequence of a capsule belonging to Jean-Renard Delafaux (son of Representative Jacques Delafaux) resulted in an explosion far beyond what was expected.

Rumors of intentional terrorism are unsupported at this time, and CONCORD encourages the public to avoid speculation in the absence of a complete investigation. Representative Delafaux wishes to express his gratitude for the comfort offered by the Gallente, as well as his desire for privacy in this difficult time.


Representative Delafaux Resigns Amid Scandal, Disappearance

The office of Representative Jacques Delafaux released a statement late last night announcing Delafaux’s resignation from office. This comes after months of increasing speculation that his youngest son, Jean-Renard, was responsible for alleged terrorism in the incident that killed 27 Capsuleers and their instructors.

Within a month after the incident, Delafaux’s older son, Pierre, was reported as missing. Representative Delafaux has continued to affirm Jean-Renard’s innocence, and had this to say in his resignation:

"In light of the tragedies visited upon my family, I can no longer represent the people of Caille with my full attention. They deserve a representative who can attend to their needs and concerns, and I regret I am no longer able to do so.

“Effective immediately, I resign my position as a representative, and intend to focus on the search for Pierre, and to clear the good name of Jean-Renard.”


The following news holocast aired on a local news network from a small city on Ogoten VIII.

*The holocast starts with a Vherokior woman holding a microphone looking at the viewer.*

“I’m off-world today, visiting one of the re-enactments of The Mahti Jailbreak being presented in our solar system. Independent capsuleers have been participating in these re-enactments since the Liberation Games all over Tribal space, playing the role of the heroic men and women who fought against their Imperial oppressors in some of the key battles of the Great Rebellion. Capsuleers have come far and wide to participate in these events, which has led to some disagreement on whether it is proper for outsiders to participate and if it is, what kind of outsiders should. I’m in one of the viewing structures at the event and right now, a notable outsider is fighting through the re-enactment.”

The hologram cuts to show a Fleet Scythe tearing through the re-enactment drones. The reporter keeps talking.

“Arsia Elkin, an Amarr defector who currently flies under the banner of the capsuleer alliance Electus Matari has been one of the many capsuleers answering the call to run through the re-enactments for baseline audiences. To many, she is not your typical outsider. Before her defection at the start of the Floseswin conflict, she was a notable Imperialist commander who was a mainstay in the Militia wars for the slavers. After her defection, she claims she is remorseful for her old ways, but many individuals across the Republic understandably dislike her or don’t entirely trust her. She is currently fighting through the re-enactment that should be ending soon.”

The Scythe Fleet engages and finishes off a Prophecy-class battlecruiser and you can hear the crowd cheering in the background .

“Let’s go ask some of the Matari viewers their thoughts to get a taste of some opinions on the matter.”

The holocast cuts to the reporter standing beside a Krusual man.

Reporter: “What is your opinion on outsiders participating in the Liberation Games?”
Man: “I can’t say I much like it. I suppose it’s not the end of the cluster, but it’s somewhat sad that just seem to let just anyone who shows up run through re-enactments of some of the most important moments in the Great Rebellion.”
Reporter: “You mean Elkin? Do you doubt her sincerity?”
Man: “Yeah, I mean Elkin . I’m not a ■■■■in’ mind reader, so I don’t know what she’s really thinking. But if she earnestly is remorseful, I think she should go off to the outer regions or Anoikis or something and just leave us the hell alone. The best thing she can do for me is to go the ■■■■ away.” [The news program does indeed censor some of the man’s profanity ]
Reporter: “Did you cheer when the Prophecy exploded?”
Man: “No. I didn’t.”
Reporter: “Thank you very much.”

The holocast cuts again and the Reporter is standing next to an older Sebiestor woman.

Reporter: “What do you think of the pilot you just saw?”
The smiling interviewee shrugs.
Woman: “Seemed like a good enough pilot, but I don’t normally watch capsuleers fly around.”
Reporter: “What I mean to say, do you know who she is?”
Woman: “Oh, yeah.”
Reporter: “What do you think about somebody like her participating in the Games?”
Woman: “I don’t really mind. I think people deserve second chances. I’ve done a bit of research on how Amarr society screws with peoples’ heads, so I honestly respect her a bit for overcoming that. If she’s earnest and enthusiastic about helping us, I say we take it. The Amarr Empire is terrifying and I’d like all the pilots we can get on our side for the inevitable fighting to come. I welcome outsiders to come to help us fight our enemies.”
Reporter: “Did you cheer when the Prophecy exploded?”
Woman: “Yeah, I did.”
Reporter: “Thank you very much.”

The holocast cuts again to the reporter standing next to a Brutor woman .

Reporter: “What did you think of the pilot you just saw?”
Woman: “I really wasn’t thinking about the pilot when I was watching the show. I didn’t care who was piloting, you know? I was thinking about what happened back then.”
Reporter: “Do you think it’s proper for that pilot to participate in the Games, though?”
Woman: “I mean, her doing the re-enactment stuff is a little off-putting when I stop to think about it, but it’s like I said… who’s flying the ships and the little drones exploding aren’t really the points I want to focus on. I want to honor those who fought so that I could be free and grieve for other Matari still in chains. Getting too worked up because some outsiders who may or may not be sincere in support for our cause are shooting some drones sort of distracts from the real point of Liberation Day, I think.”
Reporter:“Did you cheer when the Prophecy exploded?”
The interviewee just nods her head ‘yes’ a couple of times.
Reporter: “Thank you very much.”

The holocast cuts to just the reporter.

Reporter: “As you can see, people have a wide range of opinions on both outsider participation in general and some of the individual outsider pilots. Thank you for watching this segment, and have a great day."

The holocast ends.


A reporter from Caille on Peeper:

I think I just saw #Che_Biko rush out of the Aidonis Elabon Building. #See&Hear

An hour later, rumors start circulating that Ché Biko has been spotted in Eugales.


video feed from Parse, 7.10 YC 123

Caption: Khimi Harar Honor Guard flies through Parses to honor Queen Zidarez Khanid in the Royal Duchy of Fekhoya with fireworks
(Source: Amicia Cora)


Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 11 July YC123


A minor disturbance in the main plaza of the Navy station in Nakri this evening resulted in injury to a scion of a Noble House and his bodyguard. Maksym Koval had been attending prayers in a nearby church when a large group of agitators began gathering outside, chanting the slogan “Nadezdha”. It is not clear why the group were targeting Master Koval personally, but upon his attempting to leave the area, a handful of the demonstrators intercepted him, allegedly to try to prevent his departure. Although Master Koval’s bodyguard made every effort to defuse the situation, the scene turned violent, and both the bodyguard and Master Koval, being outnumbered, were assaulted, and it was not until the arrival of station security that the attack ended, both men having sustained serious injuries, resulting in them being taken to hospital.

The Koval Family have not released a statement, and station security has appealed for any witnesses or anyone with information to come forward. The incident marks a serious change in direction for the Nadezdha group, which have, up until now, been disruptive but not aggressive. Security Chief Sokolov stated that the attack was being treated with the “utmost priority” and that the Nadezdha group would now be considered a “higher threat at least until the perpetrators of this attack are apprehended”.

Anyone with information should contact station security without delay.


Known Criminal Found Dead In Spite of Witness Protection

Dryax Ming, known to many associated with organized crime as The Coward, was found dead three days ago of an apparent suicide.

A CONCORD detective gave a statement on the condition they remain anonymous:

"Mr. Ming was facing a life sentence for violations of his plea agreement that allowed him witness protection. We believe he was distraught and intoxicated on the upper tiers of a Keepstar, where construction projects had been left exposed.

“Ming apparently attempted to lacerate his throat before leaping from the edge of the balcony, according to our blood spatter analysis. At this time we have no reason to suspect foul play.”

There were no witnesses to the incident, and CONCORD does not expect any will come forward. Ming’s plea agreements were confidential, but his criminal record included property crimes, assault and battery, drug offenses, fraud, illegal prostitution, human trafficking, and murder.

Dryax Ming was 42 years old.


An advertisement found on the fitness site, SWOLZ.

Steel-fit outfitters is proud to offer a new high mesh, breathable 100% organic fiber underwear. Made for the athlete in all of us. This underwear is produced from the highest quality organic fibers from fair trade resources and 5% of all profits go to support Physicians with no Boarders.

These boxer shorts come in a variety of designs and styles. And now show off your colors with patriotic support!





And because of liberation days, gain an additional 15% off Minmatar designs! Use the promo-code: FREEDOM at checkout.



1330 JUL 14 123




Transhumanity Today

Black Alert And Unrest Continues Amid Speculation
Last night, most of the ALXVP customs offices in Origin were destroyed by the No Visual. alliance. This was done after the hostile alliance destroyed the Astrahus owned by Future Labs on Monday. The custom offices in orbit around Renaissance and Arboria still remain, but the one above Renaissance has been reinforced, which makes most of the population think the razing of the system will be completed by the hostile force. What No Visual. has in store for Origin after this is still uncertain, but there are those that fear that they might claim the system for themselves, or worse…

That the razing in Origin takes place around the same time that DERAIL is conducting counter-subversion actions in all colonies of Eugales III, IV and VI, and rumors that Alexylva Paradox’s Gateway Ché Biko has been spotted in Eugales shortly after the DERAIL actions there had begun has led to speculation that No Visual. are secretly being directed by DERAIL (CONCORD’s Department for Enforcement of Restrictions on Artificial Intelligence and Life), and that the hostile force in Origin might take action against the AI citizens on the planets.
The office of the Gateway would not comment on whether Biko is or has been in Eugales.

The OCA announced that the Black Alert is expected to last until at least the end of this week. Emergency shield generators are still active in cities across the system, and outlying communities have been encouraged to travel to the cities or take shelter in regional bunker installations.

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Esprit Offers Fine Cuisine, Cultural Lessons
Guillermo Wenton for The Edenite

In my twenty years as a food critic, I have enjoyed freedoms parallel to those of the governing authorities across our great civilization. I dare say my political analogs have not been treated to such warm receptions as I have, for the simple fact food is apolitical. Restaurants, of course, hold the potential to make even the most tumultuous governments appear calm by comparison.

It is a wonder, then, that Esprit can exist at all. The newest restaurant in Arcurio is the brainchild of fifteen master chefs, who I deem are masters only because “pastmaster” is not a currently recognized title within any culinary institution of which I am aware.

These fifteen chefs represent the major bloodlines from each empire in New Eden. They are as different from one another as you would expect, but they all share a common passion for their respective cuisines, and the cultures from which they–the food and the chefs themselves–have come.

Esprit is the melting pot into which these chefs have poured their hearts and souls, bringing every corner of the universe under one monolithic roof. One does not order from a menu at Esprit, but rather gives an order to their server and finds it shortly before them. If it is possible to have expectations at the door, they will be exceeded before the first stroke of a napkin.

More than a culinary miracle, the atmosphere of Esprit offers a panoramic view of who we are as humanity. The well-traveled will recall memories of their travels, while the planet-bound among us will be invited to marvel and imagine at the possibilities.

Most impressive to me was the way in which the conflicts between our great people are given their due at Esprit. One might expect an establishment designed to bring our people into harmony would neglect to recognize our struggles, but the full history of New Eden is written on the walls, and presented in the magnificent stage performances provided for the entertainment of patrons.

If there is anything I could possibly critique regarding Esprit, it would be the broad stroke with which they appeal to every culture is perhaps too broad, and I wonder how it is a restaurant can stay afloat when it attempts to offer everything to everyone.

That is, of course, a question for which the pastmasters at Esprit seem to have found an answer. That being the case, I can only do my part to encourage each and every citizen of New Eden to make the trip to Arcurio for more than a meal; it is an experience no one could forget, no matter how many lifetimes they lived.


Weapons Seized as Sedevacantists and Anti-Church Protesters implicated in importing armaments.

18th July YC123/FC238

Lamadent Capital News Network

A joint operation by Lamadent Spaceport Authority and Federation Customs officials have seized significant quantities of personal weapons being imported into the member state, according to a statement released by both agencies.

Port Authority Captain Sebastienne ‘Baz’ Jacobs issued a formal statement to the press to disclose that several hundred units of small arms, ranging from high-powered laser weaponry to ballistic firearms, as well as thousands of units of ammunition, were confiscated from a merchant attempting to import them to the member state.

Citing the recent speech given by Father Kavad exhorting his follows to arm themselves, as well as recent instances of violence between protestors and members of the Sedevacantist Church, Captain Jacobs ordered the confiscation of the arms on grounds of public safety and failure to properly disclose their intended receivers in violation of the Roussillon Arms Control Act (RACA).

Whilst violence has abated since the destruction of the citadel in Nakri owned by the Sedevacantist Church’s main sponsor, Nauplius, public safety officials fear that it is only a matter of time before further clashes take place. Whilst this shipment has been interdicted, it has been noted by the Chamber of Commerce that private sales of firearms have been increasing in addition to retailers seeing record business. With the District Court allegedly close to a decision, Roussillon is according to some is sitting upon a powder keg, with a tinderbox uncomfortably close by.

Ire has also been directed towards holoreel actor Jacques Benoit from the anti-Church camp, who has recently agreed to star in a production bankrolled by the Church. It is rumoured that the All-Federation Caldari League has made overtures to Mr Benoit in respect to this, but nothing has been confirmed by the League’s spokespeople.

In other news, Lamadent Capital News Network has received a fractured report from the Thelan Solar System that an attempt by the Sedevacantist Church to establish another place of worship in the township of Narbonne on the fourth planet has been attacked by unidentified militants in the dead of night. The extent of the damage caused is currently unclear, as further reports have not been received. We await further information from our sister stations at this time and will be sure to relay any further updates as they are made available to us.

Have you been affected by this story? Please get in touch with one of our correspondents with your opinions, if it is safe to do so.


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The Prosperity Network is happy to announce that the second issue to Bad Bunny is now out and available! This issue of Bad Bunny is the product of a recent audition held to find talent to add new variety to the magazine to stimulate even more senses!

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