Running for CSM next year:

Anti-Knowledge Coalition :joy:


It was made clear by @CCP_Falcon that the only way to engage the issue of changing or disbanding the CSM program, is via voting and/or representation through the CSM itself.

So that’s what I’m doing.

Im running on the campaign platform that I will oppose political influence on the CSM, curtail the perks of CSM, and disband the CSM altogether.

Nana’s poll shows 64% of 141 respondents vote “No” on the CSM program as it exists currently.

THAT is the MAJORITY to which I am finally offering a candidate to do exactly that.

If that works for you, then by all means, vote for me.

If it doesnt, well, you always elect more GSF to the panel for more political influence and corruption, if thats more your thing.

Im not running to pander to you.
Im running to give the majority a voice to act on the CSM programs form/existence.

They already have one. Thats why theres a 3/10 bloc

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Seeing how there’s 20k+ players/toons online at most hours, 64% of 141 is not even census-worthy

It’s not even 1% of the EVE population…
Not even .1%

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There are candidates that run with no other platform than “for teh lulz!”.

My platform and promises are what I stated them to be in OP.

Vote for me if you side with those, or dont.

Up to you.

Im not going to pander and press-flesh for people to vote their own opinion.

Poll shows 64% object to CSM as it is.
That means I already have the majority for my platform.

If I can get even a fraction of those to vote for me to this end, I will be in by a landslide over any other candidates, anywhere. Possibly the highest vote tally ever achieved by a CSM candidate, and with a strong mandate on what they voted me in for.

Paradoxically, they will have to vote, this time, to get me in as CSM, so I can start working on changing and/or disbanding the CSM.

This is the only way to accomplish that.

If you dont have any opinion on the topics of the day and you arent going to “press flesh”, I cant wait to see how you plan to campaign for support

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You should make this your campaign by-line btw.

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Very simply.

If you want political influence reduced on CSM, want CSM perks removed, or want the CSM disbanded, I am your candidate.

If you want those things, I am the only one set to deliver on them.

All you have to do, is vote me in, and I will start work to those ends immediately.

Change. That is obvious. Anybody can come up with the form of it and run for CSM.

As for the number of voters, poll wasnt advertised anywhere. It was just a sounding pool on forum, to check preferences.

That’s a bit of a stretch tbh. Gelvon knew what profit and loss were

So salvos if elected what is your stance on suspect mechanics current complexity and how they affect new players?


Yes, vote for me so I can fire everyone including myself.
That’s a fantastic way to not get any votes.

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Let’s say you get elected.

If your whole idea is to dismantle CSM, how are you going to do it? You are going to be bound by the NDA, so you cannot talk to us about what you see or hear and you will be against the rest CSM-members as well as CCP in your idea

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The biggest problem is that the CSM has changed over the years and has (to a large extent) become the problem they were originally created to help solve.

For those who weren’t here the CSM was part of the response to the T2O scandal. They were supposed to watch CCP and represent the Players to CCP to help prevent the situation where a CCP Dev could unfairly enrich/support one group/alliance.

Over the years, the CSM has actually become a way to gain favor with the CCP devs and some previous members actively helped shape the current situation. Obviously, if any one group dominates the CSM, even if the members have the best intentions, it looks very suspicious. The October ‘balance pass’ looks rushed and not well thought out for whatever reason. Perhaps it is time for a change in the CSM (I do not like how the CSM actually started shilling for CCP, implying they were happy with all the changes), perhaps the CSM should not be allowed to shape EvE’s changes, but should go back to being the watchdog they were supposed to be. Or maybe if we really want the CSM removed, we should post this on different forums.


Suspect mechanics affect new players the same as any other player.
My stance on suspect mechanics complexity, is they are complex.

My purpose is not to get CSM members fired.
My purpose is to prevent political influence in CSM, remove CSM perks, and disband CSM.

I am not Gevlon. Who I am IRL is no secret already.

By demonstrating to CCP that the CSM program no longer works in its intended function, and no longer has the confidence/support of a sufficient % of the playerbase to warrant its continuation.

Thats an option, but it was stated by @CCP_Falcon when he shut down a GD thread on CSM member distribution, that:

So that is exactly what I will do.

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I forgot subtle doesn’t work in EvE, I was referring to posting this on PA’s forums, maybe they won’t appreciate another T2O scandal…

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Player petitions and contact with PA as to dissatisfaction with the CSM program are also an option.

Strategy will depend on what is allowed.

I’m open to innovative suggestions, and not afraid to tentatively push the envelope, within its constraints.

I wont break any of the terms of TOS/EULA/CSM contract while occupying a CSM seat, ofc cos I dont want legal punishment myself, but more importantly it would discredit our movement to have CSM changed or disbanded, thus be counterproductive.

A universal, regulated referendum on the continuation of the CSM program put to all EVE players would probably be the best method for disbanding it.

Im in favor of removing a financial incentive to run for CSM.
CSM business can be handled via the internet.
CSM history shows many CSM have not been able to travel to Fanfest for various reasons, regardless of it being paid for them, and thus are less represented at Fanfest with direct contact with CCP.

I question the motives of any CSM that would vote against removing free flight/accommodation/entry to Fanfest, and no more free Omega status.

Any individual player has to pay those themselves.
I see no reason why CSM should be any different.

Th poll is what it is.
As such, it still shows a 64% majority of respondents vote “NO” on CSM program.

What you believe, is your own choice.

Interesting that you have claimed some 4times you will ignore me, and have repeatedly told others to do the same, yet here you are, again.

Attending Fanfest is not a condition of being CSM.
It is entirely optional.

Its not harder than taking time out of ones life/family/career to fly to Fanfest to drink with CCP staff.

Thats your belief, not mine.

I have pretended no such thing.

Shows you are dishonest and hypocritical.
Some 4 times you have stated you will ignore me, and told several others to do so as well.

Yet here you are, trolling me, again.

Im asking you to desist, now.



You have already stated your views/beliefs, and I have responded to them.

If you have further reasonable questions to ask me, I will respond to those, but not to spam, personal attacks and trolling (which I will simply flag and report as such).