Rush job option for contracts

Currently if you want someone to rush a courier contract you have to informally offer them a bonus and they have to trust you will pay them.

Proposal: add an option on the last page (so as not to confuse it with more important numbers) that allows people to put a rush job stated in increments of an hour or something and offer a rush bonus. (the bonus would be taken from the person’s wallet immediately and held in the contract like collateral is now.

Rush Bonus: within (3) hours get (50mil) bonus


An often made suggestion in the haulers community.

There’s only one problem with it: Especially for freighter contracts, there’s the risk that people setup contracts with low base rewards and high bonuses for unachievable time frames. Like 1h from Jita to Amarr gets 100M bonus, but if you don’t get it done in an hour it’s only 10M reward. It could become a tool to depress hauler rewards and camouflaging it with the illusory high bonus rewards.

To prevent this, bonus minimum times should depend on the volume. Anything up to 100 m³ (one could argue that 10,000 m³ is also acceptable because of blockade runners) can go down to 1h; anything up to 62,500 m³ can be 2h and anything above should be at least 3h bonus time.

Surely all of that is down to the person potentially accepting the contract reading the details of said contract to ensure they can meet the criteria, if unachievable then they simply wouldnt choose the contract, Ive often had contracts sub 500m3 take almost the full 1 day to deliver,

I would like an option that gave a bonus if delivered within x time so i can get stuff quicker, especially smaller m3 stuff

+1 for the OPs idea

The difference between a 500m³ contract being held up by a hoarder and a freighter not getting a deserved reward if they have to wait out some unforeseen circumstances is that your hoarder does the delay deliberately, and such a small package can always be delivered within 1 hour anywhere in EVE. That’s not the case for a freighter load. Since this is EVE, people will use every means available to get things cheaper. Just look at HighSec Buyback and their stupidly cheap contracts.

Fair enough, but still when looking at the contracts the person with a freighter would see an unrealistic bonus threshold and simply not take the contract.

If you have say 300k m3 from Jita to Amarr and the bonus is for 1 hour, then they shouldnt take the contract, the person accepting the contract would know what a reasonable amount of time is for a rush job and accept (or not accordingly)

If you can’t make the timer in a way that’s profitable to you, then don’t take the contract? If you put up shitty contracts they’ll take longer to get accepted, which runs counter to your rush hopes.

I dunno if this is the original intent, but being able to specify a time by which delivery should occur to get the bonus sounds more useful than a time from when the contract is accepted. This would make more sense since usually a rush contract is because of some time factor external to the contract. If I need some materials to start production tomorrow or I have to wait, getting it in one hour from acceptance three days later isn’t going to be any use to me.

If im using a JF on a rush job it better be at least 300 mil extra for less than a day

Seems like a fine idea.

My complaint here is for CCP. It takes more than an hour to move between major locations in your game? Time is money, CCP needs to start paying the players for the time they WASTE on ■■■■ like this.

Even realistic thresholds can turn into unachievable in EVE, that is why I suggest different minimum times for different volumes so that this stupid situation that we had with citadels and docking scams would not be so easy to facilitate.

Learning to avoid scam contracts is a necessary skill for any hauler, this doesn’t change that any.

Just about one week ago my alt was sending me a package that a frigate could have hauled but it still was held all day (it was picked up by one of the large hauling companies that held it all day waiting for another shipment headed near my drop off place)

This size thing doesn’t work. My load I wanted hauled was 1m3, 700mil col, Jita to Hek, with a 75million pay but they still had it all day.

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