[S-ICH] Mirror Planets in the Abyss

Are the Planetary Bodies seen in deep Abyssal space reflections of those same seen in some Wormholes?

A false color deep ultraviolet image of a planetary body in [xevfgvoo] ( Triglavian translation)

Here is a remote drone camera image from J144218.

Is it possible these Triglavian loop-constructs echo wormhole space?

I am attempting to gather more photometric information to compare planetary bodies within the Abyssal system. The exotic particle field at the far edges of Abyssal loop-constructs prevent close examination of planets in systems, due to the high damage potential in those fields.

It is theorized that the planetary body is simply a normal system object as seen through the abyssal particle field, and only looks like it is contained within. This is not the case for the naked singularity in the center of the loop-constructs.

However, upon activating an Abyssal filament near a large gas giant, it was clearly not the body seen upon exiting the transfer conduit.

Where these Abyssal pockets lie and how to detect location should be investigated.
Hyperspatial research will commence shortly, and continued collection of Triglavian datastreams is ongoing.

S.C. Echerie Saissore


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