S o l d

s o l d

3b :slight_smile:

6.6 b

7.0 b

7.2 b

7.5 b

7.6 b

7.8 b

8.1 b

don’t like the name, carrier skill book 500m, no fighter skills, but no wasted skill points.

My highest offer is 8.6b

i’ll do 8.75b but any more than that is not worth it.


I can tell you straight off that 13b is so out there that I highly doubt you’ll reach it.

You have to consider that the bids are based off extraction price ([sp-5m]*injector delta*2+1000*plex, or 8-9b in this case). Furthermore, the character has a misspelled name and is highly specialized in a direction no one really needs all that often (sitters in keepstar age? and without a single carrier skillbook? kek). To sum up, I think you’re overvaluing the character by quite a bit - sure it’d cost to have it trained to halfassedly sit in a bowhead and be close to sitting in a carrier, but who would want that?

Anyway, consider my offer withdrawn. I do not like being accused of underhanded tactics.


I’ll bid 8.75

offer made and accepted in game will be sending isk and account info

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