SAAR Drop Rate

1 year ago Pirate factions put their in-house research and manufacturing divisions on overdrive to increase massively the production of Small Ancillary Armor Repairer BPCs.

With that, my lazy cousin, who i had to mantain for a long time(him and his family), finally got a job. That saved me 1 ISK this year, which i promptly invested. Now im not sure, the increase in production being “for a limited time”, clearly risks him to be fired, forcing me again to separate that 1 ISK/year to keep him and his family well fed… should i keep that ISK saved or can i expect for the program to last another year?

Finances are hard… life is hard…

Ah… and of course… this has nothing to do with the billions i have invested in those cursed modules…

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Are you high?

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Probably a roleplayer (posting in the wrong section)… I guess no real difference whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:

Its a question for the devs… about the change “for a limited time” they implemented in July 17… maybe they forgot about it?

Seems to be working allright as it is, SAAR prices are actually normal, not the cost of the rest of your ship.

I’m not saying the price is right or wrong… im just saying they implemented a change “for a limited time” one year ago and maybe they forgot about it…:wink:

Next time use simpler language… You know, EVE players have “higher IQ than general”… :smile:

To your question i think the target was to make these modules to be affordable by alphas or newbies in general. It looks like CCP achieved it. It’s very unlikely that this “limited time” will end before server dies.

They simply forgot about it like they foget about a lot in this game.

That depends entirely on which way is “Up”.

Like how they forgot the lowsec gate to stain…

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