Sacrilege for Abyss Dark site - need help

Hi, I’ve been running quite a bit of dark sites with my Sacrilege, and I’m trying to optimize what I can. I can’t figure out if explosive or thermal missiles are best to use? Looking at videos and other sites, it seems to be mixed, although most people tend to favour explosives. I know that the different ships/factions have different resistance holes, I’m simply asking what’s generally the best type of missile to use? I reckon it’s ineffective to constantly reload with different ammo.

Another question is which drones I should use? The bonus to speed makes it hard for my drones to hit much. It seems like drones with higher tracking also have higher speed, and it actually feels like Valkyries are worse than Vespas because of this. I use Vespas right now for higher shield and thus easier management.

Should I use 1 webifier with 1 computer guidance (precision script) or 2 webifiers? Is there a considerable difference?

And lastly, how effective are Deviant Suppressor towers against my missiles? I can’t actually see any visual difference like with defender missiles. I know I can test this myself, it’s just if you happen to know how much they reduce my missile dmg=)

Here you go, one dude made and posted it on reddit.

From the above you can get your exact matches. However, it doesn’t work out too well in practice because if you keep switching to try to get it optimal for each and every ship / spawn time, you end up screwing around with so much switching that it just causes too much time loss.

For me I have some basic rules I follow:

Vs Drifter Battleships, open up with some EM damage while their shield is still up, when I hit armor I use kinetic. Drone wise, for battleships I tend to stick with Augmented hammerheads, their raw DPS is high enough to surpass any of the “resistance factors” in practical application, and I stick with Augmented Vespas as default. Vespas are best for Dark cause they offset the range penalty a bit while their movement is slow enough so they mostly don’t outtrack themselves.

Deviant supressors, depends which ones vs which missiles. If you’re shooting light missiles they will get taken out often, note that you can fire missiles between supressor cycles. Heavy missiles, such as those launched from HAM launchers take 2 hits to knock out from the small supressor. So if you are using them short range brawling style they have relatively little effect, just some missles get taken out here and there, but if you are using longer range this becomes an issue because they take 2 hits much more often due to flight time. Best to navigate away from them. Just add them to your overview if you haven’t already.

Also, they will kill your drones, you are not in a Gila so do keep this in mind. The HP of your flight of 5 drones is roughly equal to HP of a flight of 2 drones from a Gila after the nerf down to 250% bonus, however, so in this regard they are equal. However, the total HP of your flight of drones gets divided by 5, whereas the total HP of a flight of drones on a Gila gets divided by 2. Leaving the Gila 2 and a half times drone HP per each drone.

So your drones will be takign a lot of damage really quick from these.

In short, on a Sac, carry some EM missiles, just for the really big shields, rest just stick with therm / kinetic for Dark filaments and avoid the supressors, like I said, navigate wide around them unless you have no choice.

Drifter Battleships are omni tanked mate. So just shot whatever the debuff is for the filament you are running to do more damage.

The same guy that made the cheat sheet also made this spreadsheet check it out.

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Thanks for the answers both! Some useful info indeed

Yea, I know. Still I pretty much stick to my routine because it gives me best yields on average despite some targets being sub-optimal, and I don’t have to worry too much with it. The total differences are just not worth screwing around with to me as I always aim to complete a site within around 14-15 minutes so I can do 4 per booster and have time to get back in and still safely get out in case of DC.

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