Safe Jabber Client for OSX High Sierra?

So … I am back attempting to play EVE Online again after taking many years off from the game. I’m so happy to see that great progress has been made to make EVE a better experience for Mac Users (sarcastic comment). The launcher [honestly] very nice for playing multiple accounts and now after using for a few weeks it feels relatively good.
Graphics and everything else still has to be run on lowest settings to play three clients on the fastest iMac with best video card. Wow. Sad.

Now, I’m trying to join a corp again and need to find a good stable and safe Jabber Client for coms. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try to play this game. Well, because it is very cool I guess. But seriously … gets the least amount of LOVE from CCP from the looks of it. I’ve tried to love the game and playing it … I try.


Are there any Mac Users who actually play in higher level corps or game operations?
Adium is an old program and honestly I don’t know if I would trust it, or if it will run on the newest Mac OSX high Sierra. No feedback from Devs?

Another issue I’m running into is that the HUGE Corp I just joined is using Mumble for chat and I don’t know if that software will run on my computer either.

Pretty sad state of affairs for Mac Users in EVE IMO. After taking almost 5 years off from playing this game I see things have gotten nothing but worse for Mac Users. Glad I didn’t buy longer Omega subscriptions for my 3 accounts. Guess I will let my skill points play out then leave the game … AGAIN. F**k it.

Adium is updated regularly and has been recently, and is open source. If that isn’t good enough, you are running OS X so just compile your own client of choice. Jabber is an ancient protocol used basically only in a few niche places, like Eve corporations, so don’t expect much in the way of client options for any OS, but there is also Trillian for OS X that can handle Jabber if you prefer, also still maintained.

Mumble is cross-platform and has a OS X client prominently offered on their main page next to the Linux and Windows ones. I haven’t used it in a few years but it worked perfectly fine then, and I am sure it works fine now.

All of these work natively under OS X and are snappy as any Windows client.

You seem to just want to complain. Yes, the OS X port of Eve Online has less than top performance, but it does generally work now thanks to the efforts of @CCP_Snorlax to get it running under Wine. If you really can’t handle the performance, Mac hardware can run Windows just as well as anything else so you can set up your machine to dual boot, or you can look into one of the cloud gaming offerings.

Have been using Adium for years without issue, and works well with High Sierra. Currently, except for global fleet announcements, most Corps I know of use Discord.

This is great info. Maybe someone should create a thread with this information and pin it to the top of the Mac OS forum.

Excuse me for being short. I just find all this additional software annoying. I just want to play a game occasionally … not looking for a job. And you’ve gotta admit , look at this forum … Mac OS isn’t a big draw to EVE obviously.

Thanks. Now I’m sure this post will get locked and disappear.

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