Safety. Alliance Fails at Assassination Attempt on CEO

Safety. Alliance failed to assassinate the CEO of Strategic Operations Inc. earlier today in the Jel system within Federation territory.

Safety. Alliance attempted to kill Troy Cintryx, CEO of Strategic Operations Inc. by sending a fleet of destroyers to attack one of Cintryx’s battleships. Undaunted by the arrival of a fleet of destroyers, Cintryx simply activated his shield hardeners and let CONCORD do the rest.

“This is what I pay taxes for.” said Cintryx about the event.

Safety. Alliance had no comment on the matter, as they did not respond to inquiries about who ordered the assassination, and what the motivation was behind the attack.

Troy Cintryx, CEO of Strategic Operations, has said he will use some funds for “attacks of retribution” on Safety. Alliance.

“I don’t know who they are, and I really don’t care,” said Cintryx. “I will be happy to watch them burn, however.”


That must of been my fault as the other day Frostpacker contracted 32 catalysts fully fitted with T2 Rigs though where my build fails is that it requires to fit the civilian 1 afterburner to meet the CPU requirements of that fit.

If the design of the catalyst was corrected with increased CPU then a faster afterburner would have been fitted.

There is no other explanation for my failed supply of combat ready supplies to Princess @Aiko_Danuja

This is such a gallente tactics. Glad to see it failed.

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