Sale Canceled, Please Delete

Looking to auction myself. Toon can fly Transport Ships(Blockade Runners), Freighters, Jump Freighters, Exhumers, Iudustrial Command Ships as well as Basic Gallente Combat Ships(Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers) 29 Skills at level 5 has Trade, Reprocessing, Leadership and Social skills as well. Heavy Focus on Mining, Trade, Processing and Distribution with the ability to run missions and fight in basic combat ships as well.

All CCP Rules Apply.

Candi Samples

Pilot has +4 Implants, 25 ship skins, Born in 2009, Positive Wallet, No Kill Rights, Positive Security, Good Standings with Gallente Federation, Neural Remap Available and 2 Bonus Remaps, Can have 3 Jump Clones

I will entertain appropriate Buyout Offers. Can be contacted in game via mail(no private convos please) on Drayd Jaynara

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