Sale finished please close

Darth Natasha - sold

sex bunny - sale canceled.

Confirming i am for sale

confirming i am for sale

7bil for Darth Natasha

up we go (starting bid for natasha noted)

6 Bil for Sexy Bunny ready and waiting

up we go 2 great chars here looking for a new home

7 bil still valid for Darth Natasha

8bil b/o for Darth Natasha.

8 bill noted for darth natasha if no more bids come in for her in next few hours i will accept that.

Been 6 hours, do we have a deal?

Nevermind, withdrawing offer.

okay noted

these 2 vixens are doing a nice dance on the show room floor and promise a private dance for their new owner.

still for sale up we go

up we go

sale still active these ladies looking for a new master.

still for sale!! willing to take 7.5 each

up we go

still for sale these ladies need a new home