(Sale In-Progress) WTS 121M SP - Small Ship PVP / Fleet Support Character

WTS myself, combat oriented non capital pilot, perfect fleet support skills with excellent gun and drone skills.

SP is 121.4M.

+5 implants for current remap.

1 remap available.

Character is located in Jita.

Positive standings, no kill rights, positive wallet, in NPC Corp.

Eve Skillboard Link:

Ezekiel Mourn
PW: 1234

Transfer will be done with CC, not plex.

Staring bid is 90b, B/O is 115B

whats the password

Apologies, fixed and added to the original post.


withdrawn bought another

90B isk offer

94 bil

Cancel, sorry

Buyout lowered to 105B

The sale will conclude 9/12.


offer still valid

96 bil

Ending of 9/12 - 96B offer accepted from Key Glock - transfer pending payment.

Sending ISK and account info

ISK and account sent.
Waiting for transfer

Transfer fee paid and transfer begun

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