Greetings and Salutations friends,

I must ask, is there any reason to come back? I have been toying with the idea of causing some trouble but I felt the need to inquire and see if it was worth the time.

It’s all about the snuggles guys and gals.


It’s a cheap past-time.

No DUI’s, until you crave that midnight cheeseburger.

It hurts to lose, and there’s fire in the heart of a good win.

Memories don’t get painted over, every dog has his day, and trust continues to be the most fragile and precious thing.

Hi Don

Been back since mid JAN.

Still contemplating if it is worth it. Waiting for the Trig ships and content to see what it provides.

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I just decided to come back myself

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I am fully considering farming the site’s farmers myself.

Ive just come back and have been enjoying myself

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Omfg Don!!

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There’s some fun to be had.
So I’m told.
You missed some hilarious stuff with vendetta the other week.

Purple snuggles, best snuggles

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Doing a riding trip with a lot of the old snuggles crew in June and it got me thinking about causing some trouble till then.

Oh, what fun did I miss?

TLDR VMG was stolen by VMG to return it to VMG to make VMG great again

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Honestly surprised Vendetta’s still around. They were always good for shooting anything flashy and used to get really angry over station games. Are they in fact great again?

They are around again. After your departure they left fa to reform vendetta. They put pretty much everybody under thumb or kicked them from jita/amarr. Lack of opposition led to lack of activity (as well as usual reasons for activity slumps) and were recently stolen by somebody) the anti vmg group claimed victory and we will make vmg great again.

That is my outsiders view of it anyways with as little spin as I can manage.

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Don, are you Alpha or Omega?

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The last few years they became, along with PIRAT, masters of station hugging. Then Khromius and other leadership that encouraged that behavior got purged out of alliance by a group of old VMG crew that were sick of it.

Kromius reformed a new alliance with most of the actives left, maybe half a dozen, and been inactive since while his crew whore on citadel kills in a WH.

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I havn’t even logged in to be honest friend. Time and motivation are the enemy here. I am doing a motorcycle trip with most of the original Snuggles guys and we were thinking about causing some trouble before the ride.

Getting in and starting doing something seems to be the hardest part for most, including myself.
Once that happened, usually it is easy as long as the first day went well enough.

If you can’t afford a month Omega, just poke me in here. Okay?

Will do friend! Its nearly time for the trip. If your in the southern states hit me up.

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I’ve been back since January and let me tell you, business has been booming. I’ve never been hitting these types of bumping numbers. It is definitely worth it if you are exceedingly good at what you love doing in eve.