Salvaging in Scarcity

They aren’t really the same ships.

Angel battleships come in the form of Machariels…but they have Launcher slots.

Cruisers with six hardpoints.

Armageddons with full racks of lasers.

No drone bays.

Weird resist profiles.

Npc’s have HP that is lower than an empty no-sp hull. Their dps is lower than no skill ships.

It’s not just their lack of skill. They are just not the same ships. And certainly not the same equipment.

Probably cause their ships aren’t made from the same materials.

Given how bad they are at it, throwing millions of ships to their death every day, i doubt it.

Not any more.

Good. I’ve been saying for years that HiSec needs to have mineral availability nerfed.

Only skimmed the thread, but I liked the idea of having special modules that fit only certain ships for retrieving more valuable salvage. Let’s make the Noctis popular again!


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Having NPC pirate salvagers that you can attack and therefore protect your loot - would be preferable. Otherwise, this is an awesome idea, in my opinion. I hope they implement such a system.

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We shouldn’t be trying to incentivize mining though… the mineral nerfs told us this. Eve is at is limit for isolationist PvEers. It’s a majority of the playerbase now. It’s also killing the game. What we need is PvP and destruction.

To that point. I think CCP should remove bounties all-together and make PvE rewards come in the form of LP Loot and Salvage ONLY. Furthermore, for salvage to be worth something you actually have to make it HARDER to get. So a noctis nerf or a nerf to the MTU (or both) would actually be a REALLY GOOD THING for salvagers.

What a silly idea.
Without miners, the eve economy collapses to near nothing. Without ore, you have very few ships being built.
Ok, so your idea is to salvage wrecks for a small % of their mineral value. Cool. It’s not enough to keep production lines going. People are trying to keep up in null by reprocessing trash into trit.
When you have to blow up more ships to get basic resources, fewer ships are built, then soon fewer ships are flown, which means fewer ships to salvage, which means even fewer ships in space.
You widdle down the people playing to next to nothing, and ccp couldn’t keep their servers going, which means eve is shut off.
Congratulations, your idea is a titan doomsday against ccp and all people playing eve.
That’s precisely why your pipedream will never be remotely considered by ccp.

Ok, they’re fit differently. That means pirates retrofit stolen ships to work with how they train human pilots and supporting personal.
Their hp is lower because the sacrifice certain aspects to retrofit how they fly. They do less damage because it’s only humans, mediocre at that. It’s not one enhanced mind with training and certain ai aspects operating the equipment. It’s multiple mediocre humans operating weak systems. Very successful against other humans, not so successful against a skilled capsuleer.
New capsuleers do die to rats, by the way. I’ve seen it many times in rookie chat.

So in your opinion, when a ford is made, they might use aluminum for America, but tinfoil for mexico?
I’ve seen the maniacs in mexico when I was there during college. 12+ years ago now.
They don’t know how to drive, and they certainly don’t use all the equipment available to them in even the base models.
That doesn’t dictate how it’s made though.
It just means they’re inferior operators of equipment. (Not all, by any means. Just a lot more lunatics on the road when I was there, compared to what I saw when I lived 45 minutes north of seattle.)

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And these other humans have very little money. Much much less than us.

Iirc a few thousand isk sets a human up for life. So if that’s who these pirates are making their money from, they also only get so little isk.

Whatever they make it from, it’s clearly not as effective as what capsuleer ships are made from.

Maybe they make them out of trit, pyerite and steel. Or any number of minerals that are available in the galaxy that capsuleers don’t use because they are crap.

Bottom line is; these ships clearly aren’t the same ships capsuleers fly. And if their wrecks are mined, they should not provide materials that don’t belong.

So wait, then Pirate Faction ships are designed by NPC factions but not used by them?

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Apparently not. They must use different variations of the hull.

Perhaps in rare cases, like burners and officers, they may be using capsuleer versions. But they are certainly not standard issue for the faction.