Sansha Kuvakei admits the last decade has been for naught

Jan 2011, the release of the isk faucet known as Incursions. For 13 years it has poured massive amounts of liquid isk into the game. For nothing many players see them as a bad idea™.

On Jan 2024, it is time to turn that faucet off. Bring the “Incursion” to an end. Put the forces of Sansha back in their box.

There is little doubt that a select group of players have made themselves incredibly space rich by running the Incursion community since 2011. However that community has gone from a vibrant centre of cooperative PVE fleet activity to that uncle who appears every thanksgiving to eat, farts on the chair and then leaves. There does remain groups that are trying to keep the ideology of open fleets going but it is time to call it a day.

With the introduction of other more profitable fleet based activities, Incursions have become redundant. While it is easy for CCP to let them continue without investing time and effort into renewing the high sec fleet activity niche (seriously there has to be SOMETHING better than a decade old content); that is the kind of short term thinking that dooms MMO games.

Sansha is tired, let him rest.

It’s been a while since I’ve run an incursion, but don’t they only pay out lp? If so, its technically not an isk faucet.

Nope, incursions pay ISK in addition to Concord LP.
^^^ Eve uni webpage with incursion sites and their payouts.

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