Sansha nation

I have a very bad standing to Sansha nation for one of my alt who is former HS mission runner.
Do you know if there is any way for me to grind standings for sansha nation rather fast ?
Like turn in some tags or anything similar ?
The diamond rats makes me nuts.

Thanks in advanced

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The best way is to run the level 4 Amarr Epic Arc, half way through it there will be an option to switch sides and complete it for Sansha which gives +10% base Faction Standing increase (+12.5% with Social 5 trained)

You can also gain derived positive standings with Sansha by completing missions for Guristas Cosmos Agents.

For more info check out ‘The Plan’…


luckily you just need to get to 2.00 effective standings to get rid of the diamond rats from bugging you…

option one as DMC mentioned is running the amarr epic arc.

#2. If you can’t access the arc, you can contact USIA, and we can permanently unlock the arc for you.

#3. We can raise your Sansha Nation standings for you.

for more info for #2 or #3 contact us at

Also, raising your diplomacy social skill will help and depending on where your standings are, criminal connections can help as well.


In effect, with max skill, a single epic arc gives you enough to go from base -10 to effective 0.

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