Save EVE online

It won’t be thanks to me. I’m too cheap to spend on pixels.

When I read about the rip-off monkey-business that’s been going on around the world, it wouldn’t surprise me. It seems that cheating has become a business strategy.

If this is about new players then why not just make it so you can’t shoot alphas in high sec.

I would assume just about every new player starts out as an alpha, let’s make it so you can’t shoot an alpha in high sec, even put an icon next to their name indicating it’s an alpha at a glance as to not waste a gankers time attempting a gank to find out we can’t shoot em.

This way new players are not being griefed and or ganked and because most new players have no idea how or if they can report that activity we knock out two birds with one stone. Saves gm time from dealing with those tickets and stops new player abuse.

This option also allows those that complain about high sec ganking an out, they can go alpha, the limitations on alphas is perfect as a non pvp feature, they can’t mine in barges, they can’t farm L4 missions. This should have little impact on the market and we can give it a 365 day test like the video suggests.

Put a big warning when buying omega that this enables high sec pvp and ganking at risk of concord intervention.

Just a thought and I am probably over looking something.

You’re overlooking an alpha moving a bunch of Tech 2 BPOs sitting AFK on the Perimeter gate in Jita, unable to be shot.

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Alphas will then make excellent ganker scouts that nobody can shoot. And they would be able to bump ships and not be shot. The minute you make any ship unshootable…there’ll be hundreds of people exploiting it.

I said you can’t shoot em in high sec, so go ahead and shoot that alpha scout in high sec, go ahead and shoot that alpha bumper in high sec, concord is gonna kill you and the gankers don’t have to wast a swarm of destroyers or pay for a subscription.

Moot point, ppl worth their salt will move bpos in an instant warp sunesis or interceptor, you can’t scan those most of the time unless your lucky enough to catch a scan when they land on gate. Otherwise your gonna have to smart bomb gates to get those. This change has little impact on that side of things.

The afk on a gate full of crazy expensive loot but they are alpha so you can’t shoot em. I mean if you can’t shoot an alpha pinata and that is some how hurting the game then I am ok with that if it keeps a new player in longer and gives the carebears an out.

The alphas can’t mine that much as a venture and it’s against the rules to multibox alphas so you won’t get ppl flooding the market with ore.

Alphas can’t fly L4 missions so they are not farming those.

Ccp could put acceleration gates on the incursions to keep alphas out so they can’t farm that either.

I really can’t think of another way to make it so you can’t gank a new player with out adding a no pvp for a week or two on new accounts but then you would run into the same scenario you speak of, ppl making new accounts to move their t2 bpos and sitting at gates full of loot.

So perhaps that’s the wrong method for solving whatever problem it is you’re trying to address?

If it is new player retention you’re after, the data CCP has on hand and presented in recent times is to get newbies into player-run NPSI fleets and get their ship blown up amongst a constructive group. The retention problem is that the game is so ■■■■■■■ boring otherwise. None of which have to do with ganking.

Invulnerable alphas have been suggested before, your idea isn’t new, and it’s still got the same problems as before. Perfectly safe high sec hauling destroys the economy.

And this doesn’t stop new players from going into those fleets, your not doing a npsi fleet in high sec

Restrict haulers from alphas, if the movement of materials is the big problem this causes, take all day to move a haulers worth of cargo from jita to amarr in a cruiser.

But seems any time some one comes up with a way to do this it’s shot down with very niche points.

I said let’s do a 365 day test, hell make it just 180 if 365 would cause too many problems, let’s just see what would happen.

We could even do an event opposite of the Halloween one and just do a 30 day trial of no high sec pvp alphas. If the market isn’t hurt in that time maybe try a longer time, and so on.

I am fine being wrong about this if we at least try it.

I put my thought out there, I doubt ccp will even read this.

I just want more ppl in the game and I thought this would keep the gankers ganking so it doesn’t remove a legitimate mechanic of the game, sorry if this means you can’t gank everything in sight.

This will also give a method for pve players to stream the game with out ppl ganking them every time, it’s a little off putting to see a streamer just doing pve get ganked over and over, if I wasn’t already playing eve, I would see that and say, that’s a terrible game because I would have no understanding that it’s because their is players that will gank and take an easy target because it’s easy to find em on a stream.

Then stop thinking about it. Its a really bad idea. New players need to learn that they can be engaged anywhere and they need to be educated about how to pay attention to their surrounding, how they can prepare so they are a pretty bad target or to notice a ganking attempt early.

Making them non-gankable makes everything worse, because in the moment their “invulnerability” wears off, they will hit the reality pretty hard (aka getting ganked in something valuable) and then leave crying how bad and unfair this is and ask to have their invulnerability time prolonged more and more.

How about adjusting your test a little: removing CONCORD responses entirely from High Sec?

This doesn’t stop new players from going into NPSI fleets, and now they can even do NPSI fleets in High Sec.

Restrict attacking ships to frigates, if the ganking is the big problem is causes, still have CONCORD for destroyers and up.

But seems any time some one comes up with a way to do this, it’s shot down by a niche crowd that really hates PVP.

I say let’s do a 365 day test. Hell, make it just 180 if 365 would cause too many problems, let’s just see what would happen.

We could do an event opposite of the Resource Wars one and just do a 30 day trial of only High Sec PVP frigates. If the market isn’t hurt in that time maybe try a longer time, and so one.

I am fine being wrong about this if we at least try it.

I also put my thought out here, and I am 100% certain CCP will not read this.

I get what your doing but how about the opposite, make frigates non pvp in high sec and let everything else kill each other. I would be fine with that. Making the frigates the pvp then that slaps new players in the face and says skip that ship class, let em get into that one and make everything else pvp.

You seem to think I am against pvp, I just want one thing that is safe for the new players to fly and learn in, hell just make the starter systems and career systems safeties Perma on. That would fix the problem of ganking new players.

Griefing fixed…

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Alpha players are the business, they are moving targets, hunting game, they’re playing for free.

CCP finally understood how to keep the game rolling. Isolating alphas in a secure bubble will diminish the hunting area, how’s that financially good for CCP?

I can see lots and lots of people coming to EVE, but the question remains, to what end?

I want to believe this is some sarcasm against CCP methods, like diamond miners and triglavian pirates, applause.

Not sure if this is known by everybody, some AMARR security missions are actually about shenanigans against NPC miners.

I was not here at the time, so I cannot confirm if James315 had the idea by his own or the missions were already there and he just implemented it. Anyway, it’s in CCP imaginary to gank miners, nothing absurd is going on, people keep talking about it like it’s some subproduct of the design. IT IS THE DESIGN.

Ok! Perfect! I’ll see you 'round Hek sometime!

wait a second what…

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Simply add more reasons to be in space. Particularly in low security space.

EVE doesn’t need to be saved.

Maybe not, but a Renaissance would be kinda cool…

Not with the world going to :poop:

One has to wonder though, what did you or your boys do to that poor girl Destiny for her to be so worked up about hisec ganking ?

Or wait, are you and Destiny the same person ? :smile: