Save in-flight module layout together with the ship fitting

Please consider my following proposal:

Atm, the in-flight module arrangement and the individual module settings (overload, auto-repeat, auto-reload etc.) are reset whenever one gets a new ship of a certain fitting.

This is quite a nuisance, as

  • one cannot immediately leave a station and start fighting, because the in-flight layout is different from what one is used to
  • it takes time to over and over redo the reordering, changing module settings etc.


I therefore propose to add the possibility to save the in-flight module layout and module settings together with the currently used ship fit. If one switches a certain ship to a different fit, the module layout for that fit should also be set.

The module layout and its settings should be bound to the combination of ship type and actual modules fitted, not only to a saved and named fit.

This would make life in EVE more enjoyable for a number of players, I suppose.


P.S.: I am referring to this as “module layout”:

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I’d like the same to apply to cargo-bay contents, at the moment only charges are saved, anything else has to be re-entered on build.

This is something I wanted for so long. Everyone with OCD will like this very much.

I approve!

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