Saving Cynoes

Seeing as certain changes have come in the loser is he who jumps solo.

Like using a Carrier as a bowhead out in Null.

Now don’t get me wrong, he who flies Solo is taking risks, but…

300m ISK on a paper tank is just crazy.


Make Cyno 1’s polarise the hull of the ship they are fit on ( bye-bye tank ), and then allow them back onto any hull.

Personally I just want Cyno 1’s back as is, as it made for great content when they were fit on Harpies ( and we still failed in rescues ); but… CCP may not agree.

Solo null is not a design criteria.

The best ship is Friendship.


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While I’m not sure the changes as implemented will fix the problem they’re intended to fix, your suggestion effectively reverts them.

Nobody has trouble killing a cyno. Them being polarized means jack ■■■■, because most people just throw them on corvettes or T1 frigates with enough fuel for a single cycle.

If you polarized the cynos, you’d just see people using T1 brick tanked battleships as their emergency cynos for capitals. Which isn’t as bad as the capitals having cynos fit… which feels like exactly what was targeted with this change.

Moving with support was probably the other targeted change. The freedom of a jump drive causes too much of a risk reduction. They decided to amp up the risk, which I personally support.

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