Savior, Hydra, and Nirvanna implant BPCs in LP stores make no sense

The new implants have been around for a while but because of the way they were implemented, mission runners have pretty much passed up on them.

The reason is that unlike other implants which require a lot of LP, some upfront isk, and a beta/basic/standard regular implant to trade for, these particular implants require the exact same amount of LP and isk cost, and come in the form of BPCs which need to be manufactured.

Oh but now we get to the fun part!

Manufacturing these implants costs a LOT in PI stuff, with mats requiring up to ~10,000 m3 of volume just to truck from a good materials store to a good selling hub. 10,000 m3, for one tiny implant, yes. The material costs also add a pretty steep markup to the actual sell value of these implants. Result is, you have these new very expensive implants that… I’m not even sure anyone is buying really.

So, what gives? Rather, as a mission-runner, why go for these obscenely expensive implants when you could just go for the old implants that are way cheaper and logistically easier to procure and sell at low-enough prices as a result that, like, people can actually sort-of buy them?

And your point is?

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