Scanning Difficulty: Level

When scanning down signatures, you eventually reach a percentage level of 25% or greater. At that point, you see what category (relic, data, gas, wormhole, etc.) the signature is. Between 25% and 100%, if you hover your mouse pointer over the signature on the map, you will see “Scanning Difficulty: Level I” I think the levels are I to V.

Can you make a determination as to the type of site being scanned based on the Scanning Difficulty: Level? For example, if it is a relic site in a C3 wormhole and Scanning Difficulty: Level IV, you can surmise it will be a Forgotten Perimeter Relic Site?

I have looked and not found a table providing this information. I thought I would ask the community if anyone has found any definitive information on these Scanning Difficulty: Levels. Thanks.

I have been scanning for years and never noticed this, had to double check in game and yep it’s there. I suggest you scan a whole bunch and make your own table, if it turns out there are real correlations between sites and difficulty number come back here and post a nice little guide for everyone, I’d be very interested in it.

In my experience, in low class relic and data Lv I and II are without npc. Lv3 can be forgoten/unsecure or a very good site without npc (crystal cary or science outpost I think). Lv IV are for ghost site and sleeper site.
for gaz, Lv III is for Vital and instrumental, Lv II is for boutifull and Vast

Yes, a lot of.

I can confirm this information

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Yeah, I lived in C2. Each static have different level in that hole. I instantly recognize which hole it is without getting it to 100%.

There used to be tables of signatures that included difficulty in the old Eve knowledge base. CCP deleted these several years ago. There was an archival site, but I’m not sure if it still exists.

But using difficulty to assess which sigs to scan mainly applied to the OLD scanning interface when people would drop a single probe with 64 au range. With the new easier interface it’s best to just learn how to scan fast. In WH’s the hardest sigs will be data/relic sites, but you have to scan them because occasionally it will be a hard to scan WH.

In k-space the hardest sites will be cache sites which are quite lucrative.

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