Scanning Difficulty: Level

When scanning down signatures, you eventually reach a percentage level of 25% or greater. At that point, you see what category (relic, data, gas, wormhole, etc.) the signature is. Between 25% and 100%, if you hover your mouse pointer over the signature on the map, you will see “Scanning Difficulty: Level I” I think the levels are I to V.

Can you make a determination as to the type of site being scanned based on the Scanning Difficulty: Level? For example, if it is a relic site in a C3 wormhole and Scanning Difficulty: Level IV, you can surmise it will be a Forgotten Perimeter Relic Site?

I have looked and not found a table providing this information. I thought I would ask the community if anyone has found any definitive information on these Scanning Difficulty: Levels. Thanks.

I have been scanning for years and never noticed this, had to double check in game and yep it’s there. I suggest you scan a whole bunch and make your own table, if it turns out there are real correlations between sites and difficulty number come back here and post a nice little guide for everyone, I’d be very interested in it.

In my experience, in low class relic and data Lv I and II are without npc. Lv3 can be forgoten/unsecure or a very good site without npc (crystal cary or science outpost I think). Lv IV are for ghost site and sleeper site.
for gaz, Lv III is for Vital and instrumental, Lv II is for boutifull and Vast

Yes, a lot of.

I can confirm this information

Yeah, I lived in C2. Each static have different level in that hole. I instantly recognize which hole it is without getting it to 100%.