Scanning down wormholes in 0.5 high sec


When i last played regularly in 2019 I could scan down at least one wormhole a day in the 0.5 system I lived in.

I’ve only been back a few days and there haven’t been any. I’ve looked back on some of the patch notes and done a few searches on this forum but can’t find anything to suggest there are less becuase of an update/expansion.

Has anything chnaged in terms of wormholes spawning in highsec or have I just been unlucky?

Thank you.

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unlucky there are also wormhole systems were they spawn more offten


Unlucky I know of no WH spawning mechanic change in HS space.

Only recent one was when CCP increased the WH-WH connections in WH space. That was a while ago. (2-3 years? Check me on that)

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Thank you for your reply.

Thanks Anthony, last night WH & data sites spawned like they used to. As you both said, I was just unlucky.

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