Scenario: The Golden Elephant

Hello ladies and gentlemen

I have a hypothetical scenario that would arouse you PvP centric pilots. The setting is the Syndicate region, a quiet low activity region with minimal activity, and we have a special objective of sneaking a miasmos filled to the brim with compressed crokite worth 2.5 billion that we have to Empire space 12-20 jumps away. We have a Switzerland base pirate group that guards the entrance to empire space. Our Miasmos pilot is an Alpha clone that is based in California. How would you go about getting the Miasmos in Empire space

Depends on how much time you have/need.

I would find someone with average exploration skills (or train/buy a character) and then try to find a wormhole chain that lands you in Empire space. Then I’d break up the cargo into smaller batches, just in case there are some “less-than-friendlies” in any of the holes in the chain.

There are many options available. The best for you will depend on your patience, skill, resourcefulness, and time available.

If they bubble camp your outgate 24/7, and if they’re half competent, then you’re best to get somebody else to move that cargo (Black Frog for example, or a better resourced corp-mate).

If they are not so persistent then you could just watch them to find a time when they’re not actively camping. Pop a scout alt into the system, on a perch near the ingate, and see when they’re active.
A miasmos is not a fast align-warping ship, even when fit optimally for that purpose.

If I absolutely had to miasmos-haul it out I’d set the ship up for fast align-warp, with a cloak, and I’d carefully scout myself out using a covops frigate or bomber. I’d use the scout to burn a perch at each outgate in turn and then warp the hauler there, cloak it, and then send the scout to the next system … rinse and repeat. Of course you’d need to be prepared to wait, possibly for a longtime, if a system is occupied and potentially hostile. Unless you can count all the people in the system in ECs and Citadels you should assume there’s a ‘dictor waiting for your hauler to jump in.

If I had a choice I’d engage somebody with a jump freighter and get them to haul it out, even all the way to Jita.

As for Syndicate, there is only one gate directly to hisec from that region and it is not camped 24/7. This I know, because I camp it part of the time. There’s another route that gets you to hisec via a single lowsec system … that route tends to be quieter than the direct-to-hisec route.

Gotta have some appropriate mood music…

Step One: Don’t tell anyone you’re doing it.

ive lived in lowsec my entire 8 years. and let me tell you. a normal freighter does the job just warping to gates. bring yourself a cruor or ashimmu. and a few gang support like blackbirds or something. maybe a harbinger or 2 for laser point dps. no problem.

but really. every time ive ever used my freighter. i just use my 2 accounts. the less people that no about it the better. 1 cruor 1 freighter. and i always did it after a fight. when everybody is reminiscing about how good or bad that fight was. never gotten caught.

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