Sci-fi mobile games

what are some decent sci-fi mobile games? preferably something with spaceships and cosmos. something most similar to EVE

what do u guys play on your mobile phones? what can u recommend?

PS: waiting for EVE: Echoes…


I used to play Pixel Starships. It was meh.

i see there is just nothing. its such a great opportunity for EVE: Echoes to fill that gap

ill ask about ANY type of mobile games. what is played by EVE community on their phones?

Chrome remote desktop app + home computer = Eve as a mobile game.

I tend to prefer real life situational awareness over mining a virtual asteroid while missing my bus. Or nearly being run over. Or not noticing my cab has driven around the same block eight times to run up the meter. Or mindlessly walking into the biggest, angriest looking guy I’ve ever seen.

I’ll just keep my phone in my pocket when away from my computer, thank you very much.

u can play on your phone while lying in the bed, you know :smiley:

Or you could…you know…sleep. Or have sex. Things that beds are made for.

Unless you are grossly obese and spend most of your time there. But then you’d likely have one of those fat people laptop holders and not need to be squinting at a 3" screen held up by a quickly tiring thirty five pounds of arm.

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holy ■■■■, u dont like mobile games, we get it

You know what else I don’t like? People that text to forums.

If you want to post somewhere using no syntax, grammar, punctuation, or capitalization, go to EVE twitter. Or r/eve.

Forums work best when the people posting use a keyboard, in my opinion.

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