Pride and Prejudice

One day in 2019.

“I’m IMBA i play Eve Online”

“Ooooo I know this game yesterday I played in the bus on my cellphone on the way to school”

“No, this is the real Eve”

“Yes, the real Eve, I have mined two asteroids and killed three rats until I came to school”


Im wondering if the mining experience will require you to be logged in during the extraction (virtually impossible on cell phones) or if it’s going to be a command to mine an asteroid and then you get a notification that asteroid is finished…

Really a lot of complex things eve has that don’t translate well to Mobile. I gave up mobile games when I came back to Eve…


It would be such a simplified game, i doubt any mobile device can handle a 100 player fleet battle. Atleast not graphicswise

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Even if EVE mobile will be like OGame it still won’t have half of the features of true EVE :thinking:

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The one feature it will definitely have over true EVE is it will make a fuckton of profit.


I would use it but my phone doesn’t have internet and I probably won’t until I’m in Europe, not whichever comes first.

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