Scope's Pathetic Little Storyline

Against the backdrop of carnivorous, monolithic automatons invading the entire galaxy, and enslaving witless capsuleers who are now attacking their own kind, Scope insists on producing pathetic little soap opera stories of “flare ups” and other nonsensical pap. Ya think the memos have gotten around the entire office?

Have you not heard of not causing a panic? That seems like responsible journalism.

I think the staff is kind of tied up at the moment…


The what now?

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Are you talking about the Ticker? Because that stuff is happening too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, I never thought I’d hear, “why isn’t the fictional space news media talking about this.”

Well, you are more than welcome to make your own Eve news articles, blogs, forum post, reddit posts, and/or videos. Then you can chose to cover whatever stories are important to you.

Well, if a group can control the CSM for years, a little thing like deciding the focus of in-house media should be a snap. :thinking:

World War Bee larger than Fountain War? Largest battle?

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