Scott Renton (Nth Dimensional) For CSM 17

Lets keep this short. I want to respect your time and not force you to read a short novel between all the different candidates.

Also I am terrible at writing.

My EVE Online story.

I first booted up EVE around 2006. I started mining some veldspar and the like, but fairly shortly later I left.

Then I started Scott in 2009. I played for a little while, this time focusing on FW and LS gameplay. Yet, I left again in favor of other games.

Since then I have had some on and off times, throughout all areas of space but never really got hooked into the game, and eventually stopped playing for good, while I waited for EVE to die and Star Citizen to come to life.

Eventually EVE Echos came around and I figured I would give it a shot. And well… it was bad, but it made me realize how amazing EVE Online is. So I reinstalled, and finally fell in love with the depth of New Eden and have been learning all of its intricacies ever since!

After learning more than the average bear about exploration, and having people always looking to me for advice, I started streaming my gameplay and from that I started to make videos teaching people my craft in a more focused setting!

I am always on the hunt for more knowledge and skill, and when I do learn something, I am always open about my tech so that we can all grow together.

My areas of expertise:

Exploration - 5

PvP - 4

New Eden - 4

Games Industry - 2

While I do know a lot about many aspects of EVE, these are my top areas of expertise.
Exploration is certainly my strongest, and I have spent considerable amounts of time learning all the secrets that this aspect of the game has to offer. My ultimate EVE goal is to be able to know the hacking board so well that I can point out the core location without ever clicking a node.
PVP is next. I have always loved PvP games and honestly feel that EVE is the 2nd best PvP game ever created (Pokemon is #1). I am currently on an Anger Games team, prefer small gang PvP, and will be diving heavily back into FW when the aliagence system comes in! I also just recently created our entire alliance doctrine that included 23 ships all working together for a variety of activities and engagements. I know the difference between enduring, scoped, restrained and the like. My end goals in this category are to win AT ships, and be one of the best Cruor pilots.
My third main area of expertise is in the landscape of New Eden. During my exploration activities I go through every area of space, and I love learning all the fascinating quarks this universe has to offer. I’ve used drifter hole networks to huff gas in their special constellations, dove into trig space to learn about its layout and how to best utilize all the various filaments, created a method and video database to know the location of any k-space wormhole (even getting accuracy down to 1 system away on stream before), and even trying to unlock the actual secrets of where the signal and noise filaments bring you (its not so simple as you may think). End goals for this category is to claim the World Record for quickest to visit every system in New Eden.
Lastly is my expertise with the Games Industry. I have worked professionally in QA (most noticeably with Halo: Master Chief Collection), have many personal friends that work in games, and have worked professionally with CCP directly on numerous occasions. I know how the industry works, and realize that the CSM are not idea people, but rather info tanks and reaction test groups.

Why you should vote for me

If you want someone that:

  1. Isn’t aligned with any group or playstyle, and thinks all areas of the game are End Game spaces.
  2. Believes the game is the best it has ever been, but could still be better.
  3. Knows more than the average candidate about the world we live in, and loves to teach and share that knowledge
  4. Will endeavor to always learn more about our game by using scientific methods.
  5. Realizes that new players are more important than old players, and that this is a business that needs to evolve to keep EVE Forever.

Then vote for Scott Renton!

If I could add/change on thing in the game

Inventory management!

I want to live in a world with nested containers, contracting out of boxes, allowing multiple locations for industry materials, and shared inventories with access lists!

P.s. Yes for Cat Ears!


We need more exploration people on the CSM.

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Exploration is a joke in Eve:

Do some scanning, find a site, get close, apply the analyser, play some stupid game based more on luck than intelligence, keep an eye out for aggressors, get some tat from a lucky dip - repeat ad infinitum.

For goodness sake this isn’t exploration, this is 1990s games for 10 year olds. With all the years of Eve how can this pathetic excuse for an activity for mature inquisitive explorers have survived?

Hope you get on CSM. Good luck!

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