Scriptable MTU


Depends on which script will be loaded, when MTU deployed - ignoring work with this wreck size.



Your idea is backward and confusing, so CCP will probably implement it tomorrow!

Scripts increase what something does so your Large Wreck Script should only tractor Large Wrecks, while ignoring medium and small wrecks.

Not for nor against your idea but if they do put scripts on these id like one that tractors only the objective of your mission.

I agree with @Raybra_Brahms that it’s backwards, but I like the idea of a scriptable MTU or even a programmable MTU. (I’m not sure if there is a game-mechanic other than scripts that could be used, or if it could load multiple scripts ran in order.)

But instead of just size I would like something like “pull non-empty first” or “pull farthest (from MTU/from my ship) first”, not so much to ignore anything, but just to set the order in which it works.

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Why not script them for more range and less velocity (and the other way around) instead?


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