SCUD Disposable Assassins - 2% Tax Rate, PEW PEW Ahoy!

New to the game? returning? Been around for awhile? looking to experience nullsec PVP? SCUD might be for you!

Strong Alliance backing with The-Expanse Alliance.

We focus on PVP, PVE, and Getting in fights whenever possible!

:white_check_mark: Nullsec PVP action in Syndicate
:white_check_mark: No fretting over losing ships, We have a Ship Replacement Program
:white_check_mark: Plenty of Neuts and Reds to shoot
:white_check_mark: Free ships for new players.
:white_check_mark: Monthly PLEX contests for best kills, best screenshots, highest ISK Kills!
:white_check_mark: Keep what you Kill!
:white_check_mark: Buyback program salvage/blue loot
:white_check_mark: Level 4 mission fleets, Homefronts, ratting, and more!
:white_check_mark: PvP Fleets - DAILY

Our killboard:

Apply here:

join us on Discord: SCUD Disposable Assassins

Looking for people to fill FC, Recruiting/HR, and Officer roles also.

Still recruiting for new and returning players as well as others looking for leadership roles.

Recruitment still open for new, returning, and veteran players. SCUD Disposable Assassins | Corporation | zKillboard

Daily bump still looking for new, returning, and veteran players looking to experience PVP in nullsec space!

Alphas are welcome to the corp if there’s a desire for PVP.

If PVP is your thing, check us out. If you’re new and want to learn, we can help.

Alphas and Omegas, new and returning players welcome. Also looking for people interested in leadership roles.

recruitment still open, looking for people that want to partake in pvp.

accepting Alpha accounts also.

Still Recruiting

Alpha Accounts Welcome

Recruiting for great justice.


Closed per request of Op.