15 mil SP returnee LF active null pvp/pve corp

I have a bit of experience with life in null and WH as well but I don’t have the skills to easily live in WH but I can fly an ishtar. I only have this one toon and it’s my highest by far. I like every type of PvP and endure ratting. I don’t really care what alliance/coalition or whatever you are in just want something active.


Hey Verian how goes it?

SCUD Disposable Assassins is a new nullsec PVP corp within the alliance The-Expanse. We’re based out of syndicate space and as we’re brand new we’re currently looking to build.

We offer free ships for players, an alliance backed SRP, monthly PLEX contests, and the potential to grow and learn PVP as well as leadership roles.

Our killboard:

Apply here:

If you like the above join us on Discord: SCUD Disposable Assassins

Thanks for your time.

Hey man,

Saw your ad while browsing the forum and thought you might be a good fit for us. Check our my corps recruitment thread here:

We’re looking for active USTZ players and we get loads of content. Don’t miss out, hop in discord and one of us will sort you out. Great opportunity to make friends and get dank killmails

Please check us out ! ⭕ Holy Hunters - US - C5/C5 Wormhole PvP recruiting US pilots

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:


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Reign of Steel isn’t fully PVP focused but shouldn’t stop you from considering us.

We’re a member of Brave alliance out in Fade. We are Indy BASED but some of our members are PVP purists and join alliance roams and fleets daily.

All we ask is that you’re active and show the corp in a good light.

Give our advert a read and if you need any more info feel free to convo/mail me or join our discord (link in advert)

hello we are a smaller laid back corp located in catch and querious join our discord and chat to see if we are a fit for you

Wicked Syndicate is Recruiting! We are small laid back but active corp in Shadow Ultimatum Alliance and proud member of the Imperium. Wicked Syndicate | Corporation | zKillboard

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