SCUD Disposable Assassins - Do Whatever The Hell You Want

Are you tired of all the empty promises from corps/alliances where “we pay by fun per hour” or “we have buybacks and srp!” or “we’re super unique come to our wormhole!” Do you just want to shoot stuff or mine stuff and pay 0% Tax so the money YOU DO make is YOURS?

Look no further than SCUD Disposable Assassins. Do whatever you want, keep your money and hang out while doing so. PVP in Low or Null or where ever, same for mining, do that where ever too. Form roaming fleets with people or mining parties. Do whatever you want at SCUD.

I’m not making any promises, I have none to make. New player? bitter vet? returning? all are welcome.

Join the Discord:

Bump for great justice, still looking for those that want to do whatever.

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