SDE invTypeMaterials - Ore Refining calculation

maybe I’m a little blonde today…

I would like to calculate a ISK value for a mining ledger per day per station.

According to invTypeMaterials one item of Bitumens refines into:

  • 6000 Pyerite
  • 400 Mexallon
  • 65 Hydrocarbons

Is this correct or are the quatities in invTypeMaterials about m2 or such?

Background: I get from a mining ledger 500 items of Bitumens. Now I want to calculate two prices base base on Jita Buy (median). First the raw price of one item which I get from Evepraisal or market.fuzzwork. It’s ~ 2.000 ISK. (point is thousand seperator :slight_smile: ) )

Second I want to calculate the refined value (with a refining yield of 100%). Here I get a value of 210.000 ISK out of a single block of Bitumens.

What’s the right way to do it?

those numbers are the quantity of minerals you get from refining the batch amount of bitumens (which i think is 100 just like all other ores).

if you want before and after prices, you’d want 100 x price_of_bitumens compared to 6000 pye, 400, mex, and 65 hydrocarbons, to use your example.

of course reprocessing efficiency and all that stuff comes into play but im sure you’re aware of that already

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thanks @1upnate , you solved the riddle :+1:

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