Self destruction module

Only allow to use in battle ship or bigger.

It will cause all capacitor be drain at once and how much capacitor you had will increase the range and damage of the blase wave that will discharge from you’r ship.

Oh and it kills the ship when you use it, It will have a warning if you want to use the module or not.

Take tackle to hell with you… :smiley:

The only people I see using something like this are high-sec gankers who are going to lose their ship to CONCORD anyways.

Yep. Unless it’s null/wh only like bombs.

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What about mines? Maybe we could have some sort of a mine that you could place around gates and they are like proximity mines that does aoe damage like smartbombs.

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Had em, got rid of em.

Why did they get rid of them?

Mines were buggy, and one person with mines isnt so bad. Imagine what the Null alliances could do with mines… Inderdiction bubbles filled with mines on the gates…

But isn’t a minimum distance supposed to minimize the spam on gates?

You can put items in line with the gate. So for ships that are immune to bubbles it may not be so bad. But any non nullified ship could be pulled into a drag bubble minefield.

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You know about the “double bubble” gate/structure trap, right? Imagine being 500km away from a gate stuck in a 40km bubble, surrounded by layers of mines and small bubbles. Have fun surviving that even if there ISNT a fleet waiting to smash your face in.


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