Self-storage facilities based on Access List

I dislike not having hangars exclusively for my alts. Relying on others for access to a corporate hangar is quite an obstacle for quality of life and my peace of mind. As a grunt, I’d love to have my own “corporate hangars” that I create and manage them. Just like self-storage facilities in real life, where you rent a space and give the key to the people you trust, being friends, family or associates.

I suppose the existing corporate hangars controlled by higher-ups aren’t sufficient. There should be an option to establish and manage self-storage facilities based on an Access List. This would enable me to grant access to whomever I choose, even my neutral alts or friends if I wish to.

Hangars based on access list would bring back the quality of life we lose when we join other people’s corporations


Not gonna happen

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I’d certainly find some sort of shared stash very useful.

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Buy one of these - password protected - 1mil m3 of space + 500 items x10:

I think you could put them in corp hangars with shared access with your name on it and password protection. Share password with trusted (hmm…) ppl.

The only drawback is that you must assembly them in stations with industry service. And once assembled you need 10k m3 of cargo-hold to move them repackaged.

Please, Gawd, no

No more shared anything, if you want to properly have your bpos and factories and research and everything else you need your own hangars without other people having higher power than you

I want to manage my own stuff and share among my alts and friends

Ok, I now get it… The closest thing to what you request is private exchange contract to your alts or friends. They then can contract it back to you when done. That exchange “only” costs you 10k ISK in fees per contract :confused:

FYI, station containers in your personal hangar are not accessible to corp directors. They can be seen but not opened. This gives you some privacy in a way you can hide things inside from your corp :thinking:

That is not even close and contract juggling is the work of the devil… I have done that with alts from many corps, it’s digusting

You still didn’t get why I suggest this, look:

  • build a frigate with one alt
  • build the guns with another alt
  • build a cruiser with another alt
  • run blueprint copies with another alt
  • etc

All these things need materials in different quantities, it is a humongous chore splitting stuff and splitting in contracts and checking which alt completed which job. Will you split those tritaniums unit by unit, alt for alt, job for job, day by day?

Not having the capacity of having hangars based on Access List just adds many steps and chores, it completely destroys the quality of life

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